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Why Supernatural Fans hate Ruby 2.0- and the demons they do like

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By Kate -admin MV

Here on Multipelverses we try to take the high road and not spend time bashing people for their performances. We will poke at characters and storylines but generally we try to be nice about the people playing the parts, but I have to make an exception. I have seen numerous interviews with the showrunners from Supernatural who think that the problem with casting women on Supernatural is that the fans just don’t want to see any women with the boys. I beg to differ on this. Personally I have enjoyed a lot of the women who have come and gone in assorted episodes over the seasons. Most memorable from the first season was Nicki Aycox and her portrayal of the demon known as Meg. Meg was a smart and sassy demon and when she was exorcised we saw a glimpse of the real girl who was being tormented and trapped through possession and it was the first time on the show that the guys realized they needed to look at the people that demons possessed- not just the demon. When Nicki returned this season for the excellent episode “Are you there God its Me Dean Winchester” it was this girl who confronted Dean and made him feel for the girl he’d failed, not the demon who took her over. Nicki was excellent in showing that this was a separate person and we knew it was not her demonic possessor. That is called acting.

In one of the series’ fan favorite episodes- Sam was possessed by the demon “Meg” and when he was, he took on some of her less charming traits, taunting and threatening very much in the way that Nicki did. Jared’s study of her portrayal made his transformation believable.

Who else has been possessed ? Jeffrey Dean Morgan  as John Winchester at the end of season 1 was taken over by the yellow eyed demon and that was the first time we saw him as more than just the shadowy figure looming over Sam’s crib. When season 2 opened, Fred Lehne took over the role and took the glimpses of the pure evil that we saw when he was in John come to the forefront as he made a deal with John. His YED was such a strong character that Fred was kept on to appear in the two final episodes of season 2 and his shadow has been cast over the entire series. This year in season 4, YED made an appearance in the episode “In the Beginning”. He was played by two different actors- first by Christopher McCabe who played YED in the guise of the man bringing deals to folks outside of Lawrence, Kansas. When Dean shows up ready to kill him, YED body hops into Sam Campbell played by Mitch Pillegi before Dean can get off a shot. McCabe was the smarmy YED we saw in season 2- plying slimy charm with an undercurrent of menace. When he makes himself known to Dean as Grandpa- he is scary as hell and we know it is the same demon! Why? Because both actors studied Fred’s version of YED and took the cadence of the speech pattern and the tone of voice and then translated it into their own performance, maintaining the essence of what made YED  the demon we could recognize immediately.

This season “I know what you did last summer” episode 9 and “Heaven and Hell” episode 10 introduced a new demon – Alistair. We learn from Dean that Alistair was the head torturer who broke down new souls just arrived in Hell. And Dean had become his apprentice in pain. Mark Rolston is long time character actor who is no stranger to playing the bad guy. He was the evil “Jack” in the 90s series The Profiler and goes down as one of the most twisted killers in TV history for that part. Alistair as a demon is cruel and enjoys it. The next episode airing in March, has the demon coming back in a new body- with a new actor playing the part. This time it is Christopher Heyerdahl- from Sanctuary, SGA and Smallville. In the trailer we can see and hear that he has studied Rolston and is picking up right where he left off. The speech and mannerisms are mirrored from one actor to the next- keeping the character cleanly defined.

These are the good demon portrayals on Supernatural. Now lets get to the bad one. Katie Cassidy came on to the show in season 3 and made a huge impact as a new character. She played Ruby- the demon who remembered being human and has no interest in seeing demons take over the world. She spends most of the season proving to Sam and Dean that she means them no harm. She is smart, sassy, somewhat secretive, and still a little cruel- she is a demon after all. We see her willingness to sacrifice herself for Sam in Jus en Bello and she is sent back to hell when Lilith pushes her out in the season 3 finale. When Katie turns around it is Dean – close to hell and able to see demons- who initially says “That’s not Ruby” before we see it- Katie’s face twists up and we see her smile and the look in her eyes- it is the evil Lilith. When the episode is over- Lilith and Ruby are gone.

Open- season 4. Ruby is back. We are introduced to her again in Lazarus Rising with a new actress in the role. Fans immediately jumped all over Genevieve Cortese and it is for one reason. She didn’t do her homework. Her Ruby is not recognizable as the character Ruby that we saw in Katie last season. In the episode “I know what you did last summer” Ruby appears back from hell as a blond played by actress Anna Williams. In the few minutes she is onscreen- we see Ruby. She sounds like Ruby- she has the speech cadence of Ruby. Then Sam gets after her for riding some poor woman’s body and Ruby leaves- coming back in the body of a coma victim that has had the plug pulled on her. She has the dialog but the characterization is off. Genevieve talks with a bit of a lisp- does she have a tongue piercing? Guess what ladies- it does not do good things for your ability to elocute dialog. I personally had been hoping we were going to find out that this sloppy Ruby portrayal was on purpose- that Ruby isn’t Ruby but Lilith in disguise- but it looks more and more like my excuse for Genevieve is just not going to come true. This is sad- because I have been trying my hardest to not be mean but I just can’t hold it back anymore. There is a very easy solution to the problem- have GC’s Ruby 2.0 ( actually she is 3.0) be exorcised and have to come back in yet another body-and this time- please cast someone who can act and is willing to study the episodes that Katie was in and make sure that we can believe she is who she is supposed to be.



  • pk
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    I do not think the bad reception among the fan of some female characters is because of jealousy but by the nature of now or never in the TV. The characters have a unique opportunity for a first impresion and female of a certain age are taken immediately as love interests for Sam or Dean, so make them seem immediately unidimencionales to the public.

    I liked Jo, and belive that in time could have been part of the story beyond Dean, and I think that in retrospectthe the arc of Bella was pretty cool and very tragic.

    That is what bothers me more about Ruby, she has had time to develop as a character and nothing happened. Anything interesting about her belongs to season 3. Then she seemed to have a plan, a demon with memory, and had these frightening moments of intimacy with Sam without be his personal cheerleader. I mean “I’ve never lied to you Sam” or “you hate how Dean look at you, like a frak” OR “Let me be the fallen angel on your shoulder” She was threatening.

    This season nothing, she is like a pet. When she said that she does not want stand between Sam and Dean, sound lame. And the “I know what it feels like to loose someone” is redundant.

    I don´t think it is the actress fault, I saw her in a Dark Zone episode and I liked a lot, but this season Ruby really bugs me.

  • Kez
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Oh and one more thing: Eric Kripke would not keep an actress on the show just because Jared is apparently dating her. That’s an insult to Eric Kripke.

    Secondly: I can’t talk for EVERY Gen fan out there, but me and the ones I know? Liked from episode one, LONG before any talk of her dating Jared surfaced.

    The only thing that’s surfaced since the rumours is even more hate.

  • Beata
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    I have to agree. Genevieve Cortese is very poor actress. She doesn’t have enough acting skills to play such a powerful and bad ass character as Ruby. When she acts i don’t feel the power in her, i don’t believe in anything she says as Ruby. She just made Rudy blank, boring and inexpressive…

    Kate Cassidy was great in this role. There was this energy with every word and move she made. She made everything so believable. The emotions were excellently depicted.

  • Dry
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Ja. When Katie was on the show, nobody likes Katie or Ruby. Now she has gone, everybody loves and missed her…

  • M.
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    What’s funny is that Katie Cassidy sucked balls as Ruby. Only in the last episode, when she played Lilith possessing Ruby was she at all appealing. And it’s only now that the Supernatural fangirls don’t have to deal with her that they’re saying they loved her.

    This Ruby, back from horrible torture, again, after she’s fought her way out of Hell, again, is a beaten down Ruby. She’s terrified of getting caught, and I believe her humanity is showing. She thinks Sam is her savior, and it’s not as if she can show that side of herself. And who knows? Maybe her human side was a mousy little coward, and if that’s the case, then I think she’s playing her perfectly. She’s not supposed to be the snarky wiseass the old Ruby was. She’s basically an abused woman, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen wise-cracking abuse victims, especially when they’ve just escaped their abuser.

    You say she didn’t do her homework. I say she did her homework and Kripke told her to forget everything she knew about Ruby. Imagine yourself, if you will, finding yourself in a place where you are beaten and possibly raped and tortured and tormented ceaselessly, for months on end. Imagine that you’ve already been in this place, and already managed to fight your way out once, but they’ve caught you again, and all your freedom was for nothing. Do you really think you’d come out of that place with your sarcastic wit in place?

    People like you have no imagination, and as such, I have no idea how you can enjoy a show like Supernatural. You’re like those people who hate Sam for being “mean”. You can’t possibly imagine what it would be like for a character like Sam, losing his brother several times in the space of a year, and knowing that it’s all his fault. So you choose to dislike the character without bothering to put a little imagination into it.

    I wish people like you didn’t call yourselves fans, because you’re not. You’re critics, and you give the real fans a bad name.


    Find some.

    And to those disgusting individuals thinking Kripke would keep Cortese on simply because Jared Padalecki happens to be having a relationship with her? Do you have more than three living brain cells? He’s running Supernatural, a show that’s constantly in danger of cancellation. Do you think he’d keep someone on the payroll if he thought she was slacking on the job?

    I can only assume none of you have high-level positions, and have no understanding of the ways in which the world works. The only directors and producers who keep around their actors’ playmates are those who can afford to do so, and I guarantee Kripke can’t count himself among those lucky ones.

    You hated Jo until she was gone. You hated Sarah until you were sure she wasn’t coming back. You loved Mary and Jess because they were dead. You loved Ellen because you were positive she wasn’t going to be a love interest. You liked Madison because Sam had to kill her. You like Anna because, like most of you, she’s plain and boring. You hated Katie and Bela, until they were gone, and now everyone loves Katie’s Ruby? What a load of horse crap.

  • Linda
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Melissa said: “Fans need to keep their jealousy in check and stop using excuses like “omg she totally can’t act that’s why I hate her”. She can act, in fact she’s knocking it out of the park.. and obviously the Supernatural Powers That Be agree because hello? she’s still Ruby.”

    This isn’t about fans being “jealous” of Genevieve, Melissa. I totally agree with the opinion expressed in the article, Genevieve is not right for this role and she is a poor actress. I didn’t mind Katie in the role and I thought she did a very good job in No Rest for the Wicked. Katie was playing a demon the way a demon should be portrayed. I don’t know what Genevieve is doing with her version of Ruby, but nonetheless, it isn’t working. She is bringing the show down with her horrible performance.

    I do wonder why she was hired in the first place? Was she already dating Jared before she was hired? I don’t know. There are a lot of rumors going around that Jared is throwing his weight around the set to keep her around. I do remember Kripke mentioning before the show started that they were going to have Ruby in many “meat suits” this season … that never happened. There was also a casting call (back in October, I think?) for a female demon which was to be a recurring role starting mid-season … that never happened. So, now I’m wondering if the rumors I’m hearing/reading on LJ about Jared being difficult on set are true? And now the producers are forced to keep Genevieve? I hope not. I do know that his former girlfriend (who was also a horrible actress) auditioned for 3 different roles on Supernatural before she was cast as the Crossroad’s demon.

    I do hope there’s more to Ruby than we’re being shown and that she will end up betraying the boys. She is a demon, after all. She needs to start acting like one.

  • Rafa
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Look, I’m not a passionate fan like so many others, but I do watch the show. I really like it. I like the stories and the characters – the evil ones and the good ones. But, I agree with the writer of this article. Genevieve portrayal of Ruby is distracting because it seems another demon, not the Ruby we all know (and hate/love). She doesn’t have to be exactly like Katie Cassidy – Katie wasn’t that good to begin with -, but she should keep something from the previous actress in order to make us relate to her. And if Ruby is different because of her time in hell, the writer’s should show that to us. I mean, how are we supposed to know that if the issue has never been addressed on the show? But honestly, we don’t need a “Ruby backstory”.

  • Camila
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    I don’t like Genevievi Cortese playing Ruby.She is a horrible actress,I want Katie Cassidy back!

  • La
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    You know that for every person saying the fans only hate her because she’s supposedly dating Jared, the same thing can be said about those who all of a sudden think she’s fantastic.

    Regardless, people must have a really low standard if they actually think this girl is doing a good job. She would’ve been far better suited in a smaller role that didn’t require much. Like a VOW.

  • Mal
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    This whole jealousy stuff makes me LOL. If a guy who watches the show hates one of the new male characters (i.e, Misha, whoever plays Alistair) does that mean they’re ~jeluz~? I mean the way some fans are spinning it Castiel wants in Dean’s pants, so are these male fans picking up on that and seeing green? Please. People are allowed to dislike someone for other reasons than because they want in Jared/Sam and/or Jensen/Dean’s pants. It’s called having an OPINION.

  • Swiv
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    “But really, whatever, you know? Everyone has their own opinion and one will never sway the other. Besides, talent, looks — it’s all subjective. The only thing that really irks me is things like “but generally we try to be nice about the people playing the parts, but I have to make an exception.” So you don’t like her — that gives you the right to pick her to pieces how exactly?”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sorry if I came off a bit brash- I get annoyed when people imply that dislike torwards a female character is simply due to jealously and nothing else! I have really enjoyed Ruby’s character, more so in season 3 admittedly, but even now I still don’t hate her. I just don’t think Genevieve is a good actress for the part, but again, that’s just my opinion. I don’t think anything bad about the actress because I do believe that it is mostly the writer’s fault that Ruby is so different this season. Well, perhaps a combined effort between Genevieve and the writers, but nonetheless…

  • Swiv
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    “I don’t know. There are a lot of rumors going around that Jared is throwing his weight around the set to keep her around.”

    I’m not saying it’s not possible, but those are such ugly rumors about a guy who has shown nothing but kindness and enthuisasm to the fanbase. These rumors really suck- not attacking you personally, just saying.

    “I do remember Kripke mentioning before the show started that they were going to have Ruby in many “meat suits” this season … that never happened.”

    It didn’t? There were three Ruby’s this season. I wouldn’t say that’s many, but it’s not just one. And things can change through-out the course of writing the show. I don’t think Castiel was supposed to be around this long, but now they’re saying he’ll be a regular next season! It’s all just crazy.

  • Annwinchester
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    I agree with some things that were said, and disagree with others. I absolutely loved the Ruby portrayed by Katie Cassidy. She was sassy and teasing, and I loved her interaction with the boys. I wasn’t happy when I knew she wouldn’t be coming back to season 4, but I didn’t hate GC right away, like some people did, even before seeing her on screen. I was willing to give her a chance. Until I saw the first episode of season 4.

    I understand that Ruby has changed, but if the change was for better, I wouldn’t mind. GC’s Ruby has absolutely NOTHING of the previous Ruby, and her acting seems pretty poor to me. She just looks like a frightened little girl, and she delivers her lines without any intensity, even when she is suposedly mad. I don’t hate GC, I don’t even know her, but her Ruby has lost all the interest for me.

    I hope the producers cast another girl for next Season

  • MMG
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    The thing about tv is that, all you have is what you watch, they show you a history, and that should be it. If actors or screenwriters have to explain why this Ruby is so different, they aren’t doing is job well. The interviews aren’t part of the history.

    And ok, Ruby is all alone now, but she never was miss popularity for beginnings, and if you use different clothes and try to control yourself, you still are you. She can be nicer and softer to Sam, but when she fight with Dean I don’t have the “move of my way, bug” that used, and should still be there, only an immobile face.

  • Deeds
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    It’s sad that EK doesn’t care about fan opinions on Ruby, because if he did, he might have moved her storyline along a bit quicker, maybe even gotten rid of her by now, and not had this terrible character dragging the show down.

    Everyone else said what I wanted to say so I’ll just say this: PLEASE get to the point, or get rid of Ruby!

  • E
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Apparently the real problem here is that the casting directors for Supernatural can manage to cast awesome females for small roles (Ex: Taylor Cole as Sarah – Provenance; Jessica Steen as Officer Kathleen-The Benders; Lindsey McKeon as Tessa/Reaper from IMToD; Michelle Borth as Carmen- WIAWNSB; Sasha Baresse as Casey-Sin City; Cindy Sampson as Lisa Braeden-Kids Are Alright; Amy Gumenick as Young Mary-In the Beginning; Melinda Sward as Jamie-Monster Movie…. All these and not to mention Julie Benz, Amy Acker, Amber Benson, Katharine Isabelle(Ava), Samantha Ferris or Nicki Aycock!) but can NOT for the life of them cast a great actress for a re-occuring female!!!! (I don’t count Samantha or Nicki in this cause they weren’t really “re-occuring” per se).


    Actually, Bela (Lauren Cohan) was a fantastic actress and very gorgeous too, but her character was written very badly.

  • Jake
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    As a male fan of the show (yes, ladies, you are not the only one watching the show!), I have to say, Genevieve is HORRIBLE. (and I’m straight so if you accuse me of being jealous of her… you really have no brain cells).
    I approach Ruby as an entirely new character (because Katie Cassidy SUCKED as well until she played Lilith), and I still find her HORRIBLE. She simply cannot act. Every single actress (even little girls who played Lilith) outshines her in this show.
    Admittedly, Supernatural’s writing has not been consistent. Individual episodes might stand out, but the main story arc, especially in Season 4, really is not very good. But actors, like Jared, had taken bad materials and make it work (Sam’s character in season 4? what the heck were the writers smoking?). Bela was totally useless to the show, but she was sufficiently evil/annoying/pitiful, and not to mention a very nice eyecandy for the male viewers (which, btw, I don’t find Genevieve to be, sorry).
    As a guy, one thing I enjoy about the show is the chick-of-the-week; gorgeous and talented actresses every week. And that has been deprived ever since “Rubies” have been showing up.
    As I recall, the girl who played Meg had quite a few fans, and Sarah is one of the most popular female characters despite only being on the show for once. Lisa is popular too. Ellen and Ava had a pretty big fan-base as well. Pegging all females who don’t like a female character as “jealous” is pretty pathetic, and shows lack of counter-arguments.

  • Wei
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    THANK YOU!!!!!!
    I have a ridiculous theory: the show is low on budgets. Good actresses cost more. Thus they hired a really bad actress to save money because everyone is in for the brothers anyway!

  • kelly
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    maybe GC still in the show is because she’s now dating with Jared?Just a thought….

    I want Katie BACK!! And Bela!! Even Bela is better that Ruby 2.0

  • Swiv
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    “It’s sad that EK doesn’t care about fan opinions on Ruby, because if he did, he might have moved her storyline along a bit quicker, maybe even gotten rid of her by now, and not had this terrible character dragging the show down.”

    EK has been very consistent in being aware of, even bending to the will of Supernatural’s insane fanbase. And an insane, devoted fanbase can be good, but it can also be very bad. EK shouldn’t be expected to write Ruby off so quickly just because the majority of the fans want her gone. Apparently, she still has a role to play in the show. EK will probably just kill her off when he’s done with her anyway, like he always does.
    I don’t like new!Ruby as much as old!Ruby, and I have very much disliked the way they’ve potrayed both her AND Sam this season. But I would rather EK finish this plot than for him to throw it away- it’s his show, for God’s sake. The fans can’t always get what they want.

  • FruityNut
    27 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    I think the best examples I can give to show the lack of GC’s skill is to compare her scenes. From the first moment we saw her opening the door for Dean and Bobby, commending Sam for his skill in exorsizing the diner waitress, when Ruby 2.0 woke up in the hospital demanding fries, her “seduction” of Sam, the anger towards Sam and Dean losing the knife, the end scene when Anna and Alistair disappeared and trying to convince Sam to hone his powers after half the seals have been broken. I did not see any change in demeanor, tone of voice or even facial expression in all those scenes. If she is supposed to have changed because of her second stint in hell, be more kinder and gentler towards Sam, shouldn’t the audience feel it? Isn’t it the actress’ job to tell us that through her portrayal?

    This brings me to a whole hearted agreement with MMG. The point of television is to tell the story on screen, not be filled in by interviews and articles that only a few die hard fans will seek to read.

    Peace Love and Cheese

  • Ran
    28 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Compare her with Sandy is an insult to Sandy’s acting abilities. Sandy did much better in her one little cameo than Genevieve. Genevieve is simply dead in the face. Nobody liked her before Supernatural (for those of us who know her before), and her continuing poor performance only indicates she should find another job.

  • 28 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Fans of Supernatural (myself included) tend to be fairly vehement in whether they like or dislike any added characters, female or otherwise. I’m in the minority in that I kind of liked Bela. I thought she had real potential for some sort of relationship with Dean and that the two characters had chemistry together. Ruby I was able to deal with. She was okay.

    But like the majority of Supernatural fans, I really dislike the new Ruby. I don’t usually follow message boards and I was surprised to find out that so many people had the exact same opinion as me: her acting is flat, and the character is boring. A number of people have tried to sum this up as “character development.” Folks, I hate to tell you this, but character development has to have some sort of reason and motivation. Is Sam the same character he once was? Of course not. He’s changed gradually as he came to terms with his powers, returned from the dead, struggled to save Dean, lost Dean, and spent time adjusting to life without his big brother. How could he be the same?

    With Ruby, on the other hand, there’s absolutely no reason for her to be this totally different character. All we know that’s happened to her is she spent some time in hell (where? doing what?) and spent a lot of time with Sam. Maybe that changed her, but we haven’t seen any of it. We have no idea what might have happened to make Ruby the character she now is. And Sam is still recognizable as the character we saw in season one: he still has those glimmers of conscience and his desire to see an end to everything — in other words, for a normal life — is what motivates him. Ruby is just a different person. They might as well have given her a new name and said she was Ruby’s pal or something out for vengeance. It would have worked better.

  • Yumi
    28 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    I agree with the article. No offense, Gen Cortese seems like a nice person, but she is a terrible actress. I cringe every time she appears on screen.

    I also blame this on bad writing and directing. May be she was told to act badly so everyone can hate Ruby, and by extension be harsher to Sam, who has obviously changed so much since Season 3. And this would somehow make the transition from Sam & Dean to brother v.s. brother smoother??? Who knows? But clearly, while Jared can act, Gen can’t. Gen’s bad acting and Ruby’s badly written character are dragging the show down.

    This comes from a fan who likes Ruby, the character, in season 3. Although Katie Cassidy wasn’t so great, I still get a demonic, manipulative, snarky vibe out of her. With GC, I got nothing. She’s just flat.

    Kripke and Co. should clean up Ruby’s characterization and get a better actress.

  • Pat
    28 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    Ms. Cortese should consider another profession. She doesn’t have the talent for acting, and she’s not pretty enough for that to be overlooked.

  • JY
    1 Mar 2009 | Permalink |

    Well I just hope she’s that cheap. I mean, cheap enough so nobody cares whether she’s ruining the show with her lack of acting skill and her constant, extremely annoying habit of tilting her head in one way and raising her eyebrows like by doing that she can convince everyone that she’s trying real hard to act.

    Are you listening, EK? I hope she’s cheap enough so you can save a fortune by hiring her and ruining your show!

  • Korlat
    1 Mar 2009 | Permalink |

    The new Ruby doesn’t really bother me , it’s not like we see her much . In the same time I would love that Dean kill her !

    I’m sorry to say that I hated Meg and when she was on screen she irrated me far more than the new Ruby

    Anyway , in series you can’t like all the characters n all the plots and there will always be a character that you dislike . It’s like this and focus on something else !

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