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Tom Welling Sports his Clark Kent Glasses Again

This is for a limited time fund raiser for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Sean Astin Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016

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Sean Patrick Astin, born February 25, 1971, in Santa Monica, California, is well known for playing the title role in the critically acclaimed Rudy (1993), for this film debut portraying Mikey in Steven Spielberg’s The Goonies (1985), and for the beloved Sam Gamgee in the Academy Award Winning Trilogy – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) and The Lord of the […]

James Marsters Returns to Phoenix Comicon 2016


James Marsters returns to Phoenix Comicon 2016! James Marsters became a favorite of fans around the world when he played the wildly popular Spike, a punk-goth vampire on the critically acclaimed American TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After six seasons on Buffy, he continued the role of Spike on the equally popular spin-off, Angel. Not only a fan favorite, Marsters has attracted industry-wide attention for his work. He has received numerous nominations and awards, including the Spacey […]

David Ramsey Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016


Joining us at Phoenix Comicon 2016 is David Ramsey! Known as John Diggle and Spartan on Arrow, David has also been on The Flash, Blue Bloods, Outlaw, Dexter, and more! David was born in Detroit, Michigan to Jeraldine and Nathaniel Ramsey. He has 5 siblings. He graduated from Mumford High school and turned down a scholarship to attend the University of South Carolina. David is part of the cast of TV-series “Arrow” (2012) and has […]

Mark Pelligrino comes to Phoenix Comicon 2016


Mark Pellegrino has built a career entertaining audiences and impressing critics with his work in numerous films and television series’ delivering standout performances time and again with his tremendous range of characters. On television, he has made a lasting impression as the tortured, ‘Paul Bennett,’ in Showtime’s widely acclaimed, “Dexter.” Pellegrino then went on to portray the villainous ‘Lucifer’ on the CW Network’s hit series, “Supernatural,” the mysterious ‘Jacob’ on ABC’s final season of the […]

Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner join Phoenix Comicon 2016

It’s a Bionic Woman – 6 Million Dollar Man reunion at Phoenix Comicon 2016! Dates June 2nd – 5th, 2016  An actor of international importance, Lee Majors has created and maintained a successful career and has continually proven himself to be a favorite of audiences worldwide. Lee Majors’ performances and personas have made an indelible impact on television programs. From his initial role of Heath Barkley on The Big Valley to the Men From Shilo to Owen […]

Billie Piper Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016

Picture shows: Rose (BILLIE PIPER). CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON plays The Doctor  in this new series coming soon to BBC ONE with BILLIE PIPER as Rose Tyler. Travelling through time and space, the Doctor and Rose come face to face with a number of new and exciting monsters, such as the Autons which are aliens made of living plastic - taking the shape of shop window dummies, they attack the streets of London in a bid to take over the world.  Warning: Use of this copyright image is subject to Terms of Use of BBC Digital Picture Service.  In particular, this image may only be used during the publicity period for the purpose of publicising 'Doctor Who' and provided the BBC is credited. Any use of this image on the internet or for any other purpose whatsoever, including advertising or other commercial uses, requires the prior written approval of the BBC.

Phoenix Comicon is the Right Place for a “Companion”! A Rose by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet, so why settle? Phoenix – Phoenix Comicon recently announced the addition of Alex Kingston, River Song from hit science fiction show Doctor Who, and they aren’t stopping there! Joining them for their 2016 convention is Billie Piper! Billie Piper is recognized by “Whovians” as Rose Tyler, “Companion” to Doctor Who’s 9th and 10th Doctors (as well […]

Caity Lotz Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016


 Caity is currently starring as ‘Sara Lance / White Canary’ in CW’s hot new TV show, “Legends of Tomorrow”. Caity was last seen on the silver screen in the dance film Battle of The Year opposite Josh Holloway (“Lost”) and The Machine where she has garnered rave reviews for her performance and has received a nomination for “Most Promising Newcomer” in the British Independent Film Awards. Caity starred in The Pact, which was a breakout […]

Gates McFadden returns to Phoenix Comicon 2016

Celebrity City

Gates McFadden (Artistic Director/Director) returns to Phoenix Comicon 2016 Plays produced at EST/LA under her four-year tenure as Artistic Director include Julie Hebert’s Tree, Nicholas Kazan’s Mlle. God, Tom Jacobson’s House of the Rising Son, Keliher Walsh’sYear of the Rabbit and Nate Edleman’s Belle of Belfast,  as well as four productions she directed: Crack Whore Galore, Gregory Moss’s House of Gold, Steve Yockey’s The Fisherman’s Wife, and the workshop production of Steve Serpas’ The Last Look […]

Alex Kingston Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016

Alex Kingston best known in sci-fi for her turn on Doctor Who and Arrow is joining Phoenix Comicon 2016! Known for roles in some of the most popular television series in both the US and the UK, Alex Kingston began her career with a recurring role on the BBC teen drama Grange Hill. After appearing in such films as The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover and A Pin for the Butterfly, Kingston […]

Timothy Omundson Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016

 Timothy Omundson from Supernatural and Galvant will be coming to Phoenix Comicon 2016 Timothy Omundson was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, on July 29, 1969, the youngest of four children. He grew up in Seattle, Washington, where his family moved when he was one. His father is a former railroad man and his mother was a teacher. Tim started to study theatre at the age of 12 at the Seattle Children’s Theater, and interned at […]

Graham McTavish joins Phoenix Comicon 2016


Graham was supposed to attend Fanfest 2015 but had to reschedule! He’ll be at Phoenix June 2nd-5th, 2016. Born in Glasgow, Scotland on Jan. 4, 1961, Graham McTavish began his acting career performing Shakespeare on stage in several amateur and professional productions. He made his screen debut as an extra in Tobe Hooper’s sci-fi horror film Lifeforce (1986) and celebrated his screen credit in an episode of the British television show Return to Treasure Island, and Eric the […]

Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell at Phoenix Comicon 2015


What started out as Edward James Olmos’s panel turned into a “Battlestar Galactica” Reunion panel as Mary McDonnell who had just flown in hurried out on the stage to join him! Together they reminisced about being on the series. Both talked extensively about what it’s like being minorities in Hollywood and the struggles that go with that. Edward scoffed that people now refer to him as “ruggedly handsome.” He talked about as a kid wanting […]

Jason Isaacs talks Harry Potter and his career at Phoenix Comicon 2015

Jason is an utterly charming person to see live. He was delighted to talk to everyone and was very enthusiastic. He was asked about working on “The Dig”. He really enjoyed the story and thought it was great and did a lot of the stunts himself…other than jumping into the hot springs, they were worried he could break a leg. He was worried about authenticity because the butt double’s rear wasn’t as hairy as his…thanks […]

Jim Beaver Talks Supernatural & his Career at Phoenix Comicon 2015


Jim came into the room as the kickoff leading celebrity and was wearing a jean jacket, shades, and ball cap and looked very Bobby Singer. He only further showed his love for his surly Supernatural character by wearing a shirt that read “Ijits” on it. He recalled reading the first script where he had to say that and said, “Really?” He had the same reaction the first time he saw “Balls!” show up in a […]

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