Richard Dean Anderson to Join PHXCC 2014


Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that actor Richard Dean Anderson will be attending Phoenix Comicon 2014. “Phoenix Comicon is very happy to welcome Richard Dean Anderson to our 2014 Convention,”says Convention Director Matt Sorberg. Richard Dean Anderson began his career on the American soap opera, General Hospital as Dr. Jeff Webber from 1976-1982. His next major role, as the character Angus MacGyver on the hit television series MacGyver (1985-1992) has been his most notable [...]

Manu Bennett Joins Phoenix Comicon 2014


Film and television actor Manu Bennett will be attending Phoenix Comicon 2014! Some of Bennett’s best-known roles include the characters Slade Wilson/Deathstroke from the TV series Arrow, Crixus from the TV series Spartacus: War of the Damned, and Billy Kitka from the movie 30 Days of Night. Bennett also played Azog the Defiler in Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Hobbit.

Continuum 3×03 Minute to Win it Episode Stills & Description


Description: Kiera discovers what’s controlling the bank robbers; Carlos’ new knowledge of time travel starts to affect his work.

21 Live Another Day Character Promo Photos & Keyart


24 Live Another Day 2 Hour Premiere Episode Stills


24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY is set to premiere Monday, May 5 with a special season premiere, two-hour episode (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The Tomorrow People 1×19 Modus Vivendi Episode Description

Description: Stephen’s work as a double agent appears to be paying off; Russell is sent to meet with the founder; Jedikiah tries to hide his secret from Ultra. Original air date: Monday, April 14, 2014 on CW

Gotham Season 1 Cast Promo Photos

004 (1)

Supernatural 9×18 Meta Fiction Episode Stills & Description


When Castiel rejects Metatron’s offer to join forces, a surprising plan is set in motion; Gadreel is apprehended.

Continuum 3×02 Minute Man Episode Stills & Description


Description: Kiera looks into the two Alecs in one timeline; the mayor is kidnapped; and Carlos struggles with Kiera’s predicament.

Continuum 3×01 Minute by Minute Episode Stills & Description


Description: Alec travels one week into the past and makes changes to the timeline to try and save Emily. Kiera jeopardizes everything to stop Alec.

David Morrissey to Join PHXCC 2014


Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that actor David Morrissey will be attending Phoenix Comicon 2014. “We are so happy to announce that David Morrissey will attending Phoenix Comicon 2014 with us,”says Convention Director of Marketing Jillian Squires. Morrissey’s career began when he was 18 on the television series One Summer, which would earn him national recognition through his native England. In 2003, Morrissey appeared in the films State of Play as the role of [...]

Bitten 1×13 Ready Episode Stills & Description


Elena reunites with the pack in preparation for the fight against the Mutts.

Game of Thrones 4×01 Two Swords Episode Stills & Description


Tyrion welcomes a guest; Jon Snow is not welcome at Castle Black; Dany is directed to the mother of all slave cities; Arya encounters an old friend.

Continuum Season 3 Cast Portraits

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Walter Jones, Austin St. John and David Yost to Join PHXCC 2014


Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers members Walter Jones, Austin St. John and David Yost will be attending Phoenix Comicon 2014 courtesy of Galactic Productions, “We are so excited to bring three of the original Power Rangers to Phoenix Comicon,”says Convention Director Matt Sorberg. Walter Jones is an actor who played the role of Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger on the hit television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. [...]

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