MV’s HunktOberfest 2014 – 31 Days of Sci-Fi Hunks Revealed!


Welcome to HunktOberfest here at Multipleverses! In celebration of Starz “Outlander” giving us ladies the opportunity to oogle men the way we deserve to oogle, we’ve decided that since we no longer have our Saturday Scottish eye-candy fest for 6 months, that we’ll give you all 31 days of our favorite TV sci-fi hunks to to help warm those cooling October nights! So get your oogle glasses shined ladies – the hot lads will be […]

Supernatural – Episode 10×3 Soul Survivor Sneak Peek and Trailer


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PHOENIX COMICON FAN FEST ANNOUNCES FIRST GUEST Actor David Ramsey From “Arrow” Attends December Event


PHOENIX COMICON FAN FEST ANNOUNCES FIRST GUEST Actor David Ramsey From “Arrow” Attends December Event Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest is excited announce our first guest: actor David Ramsey, currently known for playing John Diggle on the CW superhero series “Arrow.” David has an extensive film and television career. Some of his appearances include portraying Pastor David Randolph on the UPN sitcom “Good News;” starring as Muhammad Ali in the movie Ali: An American Hero; Brian […]

Supernatural – Episode 10×02 Reichenbach Promo and Sneak Peek


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MV’s HunktOberfest Day 10: Silver Fox – Graham McTavish


MV’s HunktOberfest continues with Day 10’s Silver Fox – Graham McTavish. Now that he’s no longer wandering Middle Earth as dwarf Dwalin in the Hobbit films, Graham has landed the role of the MacKenzie clan warrior chief Dougal MacKenzie on “Outlander.” Dougal is second in line to be laird, to take over the role whenever his sickly brother Colum passes. Dougal is an eternal bachelor who we get the impression is never want of warmth […]



FROM UNIVERSAL CABLE PRODUCTIONS, 12 MONKEYSUNCAGED AT NEW YORK COMIC CON THIS WEEKEND Aaron Stanford (as Cole), Amanda Schull (as Cassandra Railly) and Emily Hampshire (as Jennifer Goines)   NEW YORK – October 9, 2014 – Syfy’s anticipated adventure thriller 12 Monkeys will make its series premiere on Friday, January 16 at 9pm ET/PT.  Inspired by the classic blockbuster film, which commemorates its 20th anniversary next year, 12 Monkeys explores the provocative story of a […]

MV’s HunktOberfest Day 9: Buffed and Beautiful – Greyston Holt

Bitten - Season 1

MV’s HunktOberfest day 9 hottie goes to Buffed and Beautiful Greyston Holt. Greyston can be seen on Syfy’s “Bitten” which will return winter 2015 at Clay Danvers. Clay is the Danvers pack heavy – however he’s not just an enforcer, this is one wolf with entirely at odds with his role in the pack. Clay is an intellectual, in fact he met the love of his life Elena while on the job as a professor. […]

Ascension- Launch Trailer


SUMMARY: In 1963, the U.S. government launched a covert space mission sending hundreds of men, women and children on a century-long voyage aboard the starship Ascension to populate a new world. Nearly 50 years into the journey, as they approach the point of no return, a mysterious murder of a young woman causes the ship’s population to question the true nature of their mission. Ascension premieres Monday, November 24. About Ascension   In the vein […] Names The Top 10 ‘Travel’s Best: Halloween Attractions’ Of 2014


CHEVY CHASE, MD (October 6, 2014) – names the “Travel’s Best: Halloween Attractions” of 2014. This year, these top 10 attractions are pulling out all the stops – heightening the fear factor and frightening visitors with new haunted houses, thrilling rides and amazing special effects produced by the best in the business. editors enlisted a panel of experts to help determine the 10 best Halloween attractions for 2014, including: Zak Bagans (Lead […]

The Walking Dead- Season 6 Announced

DAYS BEFORE THE SEASON FIVE PREMIERE, AMC RENEWS “THE WALKING DEAD” FOR A SIXTH SEASON #1 Show on Television Among Adults 18-49, and Highest-Rated Show in Cable History, Returns for Its Fifth Season at 9 PM ET/PT on October 12, Followed by Live “Talking Dead” Aftershow   New York – October 7, 2014 – Days away from its season five premiere, AMC announced today that it has renewed “The Walking Dead,” the #1 show on […]

Sleepy Hollow 2×04 Go Where I Send Thee Episode Stills & Description


When a child in Sleepy Hollow goes missing, Ichabod and Abbie realize that a Pied Piper-like creature that serves Moloch is responsible.

Dr Who 8×08 The Mummy on the Orient Express Episode Stills & Description


The Doctor decides to visit a space-traveling version of the Orient Express train. However, he soon discovers that a mummy is aboard, picking off the passengers one by one.

MV’s HunktOber Day 8: Sleek and Slim – Eric Balfour


Day 8’s MV HunktOberfest candidate is sleek and slim – Eric Balfour from Syfy’s “Haven.” Best known as Duke Crocker, Haven’s resident “morally gray” smuggler/barkeep, Duke walks a thin line of constantly testing the law (and spending many nights hugging the town’s local jail bed in the process) and helping fight the troubles that plague the small town. To make matters worse, he comes from a long line of trouble absorbers – people who can […]

MV HunktOberfest Day 7 Buffed and Beautiful – Jensen Ackles


It would be completely wrong if on this day…Deanmon day, that Jensen Ackles wasn’t selected as Buffed and Beautiful Day 7’s MV’s HunktOverfest hottie. For 10 years now, Jensen has been gruffly playing the dutiful, living life on the edge monster hunter Dean Winchester on “Supernatural.” Prior to landing this plum gig on the cult classic series, he was up for the role of Clark Kent on “Smallville”, when he didn’t get it he did […]

The Walking Dead – Season 5 Premiere Trailer – Music video featuring new U2 Song

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MV HunktOberfest Day 6: Big and Beefy – David Ramsey


MV’s HunktOberfest selection for Day 6 is Big and Beefy David Ramsey aka John Diggle from The CW’s “Arrow.” Once described by his employer Oliver Queen as having “bowling balls” for biceps, this former Special Forces soldier offers “Team Arrow” more than just his brawn but his brains and connections that often come in handy when the team needs some help from people of influence. Diggle is anything but just Oliver’s “black driver.” Why is […]

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