Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson, & Brook White Make a Commercial!

Posted by: Erika  //  Category: American Idol

We just got these 19 HQ photos of Season 7 American Idol Top 12 finalists Carly Smithson, Syesha Mercado, and Brook White having a fun time making a commercial this weekend! Click on thumbs to view full sized!

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  1. Jane Says:

    Carly is so beautiful. great pics, thanks.

  2. addison Says:

    OMG Carly!!!!!… she is sooo amazing!!!

    Carly Smithson = SUPERSTAR!!!

  3. cat Says:

    Yeah Brooke!!!! Can’t wait to watch the commercial! Whoo!

  4. Kamille Says:

    Brooke rocks! So pretty in pink

  5. Prits Says:

    Brooke looks fantastic as always..:)lovely lovely lovely…

    if Carly is qouted as Superstar Brooke is obviously the GODDESS

  6. GeeWindu Says:

    Brooe is amazing!!!!! I can’t wait for her next cd!!! I love “Songs from The Attic”!!!

  7. GeeWindu Says:

    Wow! Cool!!! I Love Brooke! She is definitely a goddess. Can’t wait for her next cd!!!!

  8. lalala Says:

    Carly ROCKS!!

  9. Ro Says:

    I’m praying for u Syesha. U r truly amazing at everything u do. U will be a hit @ everything not just broadway or acting. Ur success will be unlimited. Carly did her best on idol too.

  10. mel Says:

    Carly looks absoluely STUNNING! She was meant to be a SUPERSTAR! I Love You, Carly.

  11. Gary Says:

    Syesha looks gorgeous as usual. I swear you just can’t take a bad picture of her.

  12. Jessica Says:

    BROOKE! She looks so cute:) aw she’s my favorite! I can’t wait to see everyone on the tour!

  13. toyin Says:

    Syesha is extremely talented, David Cook said on Larry King live that ” If AL was a singing Competition, he will be seated miles away from Syesha” and David Arch noted that Syesha gave him the best renditions of the songs she covered on AL. I wish you success!!!

    Brooke is good too

  14. Syesha Says:

    WOW they are all gorgeous, Syesha needs some BUZZ!!! because i think she is really talented, just kind of internet buzz will help her. And she needs a up beat hit single!!!! Syesha rocks