Multipleverses Hottest Guys of Sci Fi TV 2012 – Winners List

Voting has closed on the Multipleverses 2012 Hottest Guys of Sci Fi TV Poll and we have some winners to report! The big winner is Supernatural with 3 guys in the top 5 and congrats to Merlin fans for pulling hard and showing their support for their favorites. Rounding out our top 5 is a vampire from The Vampire Diaries. Over 12,000 votes were recorded in two weeks of voting! Great job folks! Watch our site for more fun polls where you can show how much you love your favorite series.

Winners of the Hottest Guys in Sci Fi TV 2012

  1. Jensen Ackles – Supernatural’s Dean Winchester garnered the most votes with close to 3000 votes cast for big brother Winchester
  2. Bradley James – Merlin’s King Arthur showed how much we like a man in shining armor. James was within 200 votes of Ackles and the two traded places in the standings until the very last days of the voting.
  3. Jared Padalecki – Supernatural’s Sam Winchester- little brother was not too far behind with just over 2100 votes and his fans spread their love loudly
  4. Misha Collins – Supernatural’s fallen angel has many fans and received over 1500 votes.
  5. Ian Somerhalder- Bad boy Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries received a healthy 500 votes and rounds out our top 5 hotties.