Sanctuary – Episodes 4.02- 4.04 – Full Episode Descriptions

UPRISING – Episode 402

Written by James Thorpe

Directed by Amanda Tapping

Logline:  As Hollow Earth Abnormals continue to arrive at the surface in droves, Will (ROBIN DUNNE), Henry (RYAN ROBBINS), Kate (AGAM DARSHI) and Bigfoot (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) scramble to prevent all-out war with the Lotus Security Forces. All the while, they are worrying about the whereabouts and safety of Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) who was last seen heading to Praxis just before the city was destroyed.

Full:  Reports continue to flood in of Hollow Earth Abnormals arriving at the surface in droves. With the Lotus Security Forces and government officials taking aggressive action in the name of “defense” Will (ROBIN DUNNE) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) attempt to reason with General Villanova (TOM McBEATH) and  the U.N.’s Dr. Lee (FRANCOISE YIP). But their pleas for more time and negotiation fall on deaf ears.

At the same time, Henry and Will receive a video message from Declan (ROBERT LAWRENSON), showing the devastating decimation of Praxis…where both Magnus and Druitt were last seen.  Fearing the worst, they must re-focus on the task at hand and hope that Magnus found a way out before the city was destroyed, unaware that she in fact slipped through the event horizon to the year 1898.

Inside the camp, chaos is growing. Bigfoot (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) and Kate (AGAM DARSHI) have escaped the hostage holding area, but as the camp learns of Thelo’s death, a mob mentality starts to rise, escalating the anger and confusion.  Garris (DAVID MILCHARD) is conflicted. His people are now looking to him as their new leader in light of Thelo’s demise– a position he was not prepared for.  With suspicions and accusations flying without reserve, he must figure out who he can trust before he loses all control and the camp becomes a complete war zone.

Will and Henry decide that one of them needs to go back into the camp to help from inside. Henry gears up to go leaving Will to handle the increasing tensions between the Sanctuary and military forces. Shut out from Magnus’ list of contacts, Will calls the one person who might be able to help him get FBI intel from the source…Abby (PASCALE HUTTON). Together they try to piece together enough information to figure out where Villanova is going to strike next in an attempt to divert a catastrophic attack on the Abnormals.


With Henry, Kate and Biggie desperately working to keep things calm inside the camp, and Will and Abby scrambling for information at the Sanctuary, the team races to prevent an all out war between humans and Hollow Earth Abnormals.


UNTOUCHABLE – Episode 403

Written by Gillian Horvath

Directed by Stephen A.  Adelson

Logline:  With a government inspector threatening to cut off the Sanctuary’s funding, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) must explain a mission gone wrong.  Meanwhile, Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) has a surprise visitor with some shocking news.

Full:  The Sanctuary is facing a detailed inspection by U.N. official Greg Addison (BRIAN MARKINSON).  In the wake of the barely-averted Abnormal uprising, world governments are demanding accountability from Helen Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING), who’s used to operating independently and in secret.  The Sanctuary team rushes to make their facility and databases secure before the inspectors arrive.  Magnus and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) are called on the carpet to answer for what went wrong on their recent mission to Jakarta to retrieve a Crixorum, a dangerous Abnormal with psychic powers.  Addison warns them that if they don’t start cooperating, he has the power to cut off the Sanctuary’s funding and shut down the whole network.  When he catches them lying to him, things turn hostile and Addison tries to turn Will against Magnus to “save” the Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) gets a visit from his girlfriend Erika (PAULINE EGAN), who has an unforeseen problem she needs help with. And it could change both their lives.


MONSOON – Episode 404

Written by Damian Kindler

Directed by Martin Wood


Logline:  Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) flies to a remote island in Africa to meet with the Sanctuary’s new top secret financial advisor, but lands herself in the middle of a deadly hostage situation.

Full: Now cut off from government aid and military protection, the new “rogue” Sanctuary must fend for itself for even the simple staples of heat, taxes and ample electricity. To keep the Sanctuary network running, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) flies to a remote island in Africa to meet with a new top secret financial advisor.

But before the meeting can take place, Magnus finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time…and in the middle of a dangerous hostage taking. Demanding money and back account numbers, these guys mean business. But so does Magnus.

At the Sanctuary, Will (ROBIN DUNNE) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) are holding down the fort. Will plans a romantic celebratory dinner for Abby’s (PASCALE HUTTON) promotion to Special Agent. But in the middle of their soiree, both their phones start ringing…work beckons. Henry reports in that an Abnormal has escaped due to a shipping container mix up. There’s no time to waste as Henry and Will are called into action to find the missing creature before someone gets a shocking surprise in the form of a four-legged, burger-eating Steno.