Kristin Bauer spills True Blood Season 4 Secrets at Phoenix Comic Con

By Kate Blake

More from Phoenix Comic Con! One of the highlights of my day on Saturday was meeting actress Kristin Bauer from True Blood. Kristin as fans know plays Pam on the show. Dead Pan Pam as she is often known can be as cold as ice in her dealings with humans. Kristin the actress could not be any nicer in person. I took in the brand new promo photo of her from the first episode of season 4 – which we posted last week HERE – and she was so happy. Finally a promo photo with some up lighting and a little color! Just because you are dead doesn’t mean you have to look dead after all. Kristin was so nice and had kind words for all of her fans and was genuinely interested in spending time with us which was really great. Her husband was along for the weekend and she wanted to make sure everyone knew to stop by his show that night at the Hyatt lounge for an evening of music.

At her panel Kristin had to be careful not to reveal any real spoilers but she did talk about how her character Pam will be heavily involved with the witches storyline this year and that we will see some back story for Pam and Eric.

Full length panel video with Kristin spilling some True Blood teasers for the new season!