Nat Geo “Explorer: Born to Rage?”

Explorer: Born to Rage?

Tuesday, December 14 at 10PM ET/PT

National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Born to Rage? investigates the discovery behind a single “warrior gene” directly associated with violent behavior. With bullying and violent crime making headlines, this controversial finding stirs up the nature-versus-nurture debate. Now, former Grammy-winning rocker, author and radio/television broadcaster Henry Rollins goes in search of carriers from diverse, sometimes violent backgrounds who agree to be tested for the genetic mutation. Who has the warrior gene? And are all violent people carriers? The results turn assumptions upside down.


Hollywood, CA USA: Ex-punk rocker turned commentator, Henry Rollins, has struggled with violent feelings and a quick temper all his life. From being beaten up at school, to venting his rage as front man for the California punk band, Black Flag, to his current spoken word performances, Henry is an angry man and he’s sick and tired of it. He always put it down to the environment in which he was raised. But after finding out about the Warrior Gene, Henry is a man on a mission. He wants to know is his anger to do with his upbringing or is it inside him, part of his DNA. (Photo Credit: © Edge West)

“Biological Biker Brawls” – Henry Rollins visits a Harley repair shop in LA to see whether these stereotypically tough bikers carry the warrior gene.

“Violence: Nature or Nurture?” – The discovery of the so-called “warrior gene” is changing the way scientists look at humankind’s violent behavior.

Also, in early 2011, Henry Rollins will be appearing in a Nat Geo WILD special called Snake Underworld. As more and more Americans bring deadly snakes into their homes – some legally, and some illegally – Rollins guides viewers through the underbelly of America’s (and his) obsession with snakes, revealing just how far some people will go to get their hands on the most dangerous snake species on the planet. “Who ever thought that I’d get to investigate two of my favorite subjects, anger and snakes, with National Geographic?” quipped Rollins. “I have enjoyed partnering with the Nat Geo Channels for an in-depth look at both fascinating topics.”