Multipleverses Hottest Stars in SciFi 2010 – Winners List

First off- thanks to the over 5,000 people who voted in our poll! Two shows dominated this year’s first ever Multipleverses Hottest Stars in SciFi List. Legend of the Seeker and Smallville each took 4 slots ( Jensen Ackles is a double entrant with roles on Smallville in the past as well as being on Supernatural). Supernatural’s hunks represented 30% of our list with Jensen, Misha and Jared all taking away top ten votes. The Terminator franchise was equally represented with Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn and Summer Glau all making our top ten lists. Legend of the Seeker was the big winner with Craig Horner taking hottest male while Bridget narrowly lost to Erica Durance settling for second on our list. Craig Parker proved that being a bad guy on two shows pays off as the Legend of the Seeker and Spartacus star just made our top ten. Filling out the top ten women is Legend’s Tabrett Bethell who has the distinction of being our only top ten finisher to do so by write in vote!

Complete List:

Top 10 Hottest Men in Sci Fi 2010

  1. Craig Horner
  2. Tom Welling
  3. Jensen Ackles
  4. Michael Biehn
  5. Christian Bale
  6. Misha Collins
  7. Zachary Levi
  8. Sean Patrick Flannery
  9. Jared Padalecki
  10. Craig Parker

Top 10 Hottest Women in Sci Fi 2010

  1. Erica Durance
  2. Bridget Regan
  3. Gillian Anderson
  4. Jessica Alba
  5. Summer Glau
  6. Gina Torres
  7. Allison Mack
  8. Linda Hamilton
  9. Jennifer Garner
  10. Tabrett Bethell