Supernatural News Roundup -Time to head back to work guys!

It has been almost six weeks since Supernatural’s season 4 finale aired- and already it seems like forever ago- yet the new season is what everyone is talking about. We have all kinds of casting news for the fifth season.

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Announced last week- Sam is getting a visit from someone from his past. Adrianne Palicki will be coming back to the show as Sam’s girlfriend Jessica. Is she a spirit? A hallucination? An angel? We don’t know yet. Adrianne and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are both signed to do episodes on a recurring basis through the end of this season. Sounds like the producers are using their chits to bring back the gorgeous blond for Sam.

Here is the source info from EW:

Adrianna Palicki as Jessica in SN Ep 220

This should take some of the sting out of Adrianne Palicki’s impending Friday Night Lights departure: The actress has signed on to reprise her role as Sam’s ill-fated ex, Jessica, on Supernatural!

As you know, Jessica was whacked by a demon in the Supernatural pilot. She reappeared at the end of season 2 during Dean’s genie-granting alternate reality head-trip, but hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Details regarding Palicki’s return engagement are being kept under lock and key, but this much I can tell you: She’s booked for one episode and it’ll air early in the season (but not the season premiere).

Confirmation of her Supe comeback comes just days after broke the news that Palicki had landed the Jennifer Grey role in MGM’s Red Dawn reboot. She’s also expected to return to FNL this fall for a multi-episode arc to wrap up Tyra’s story.

Short-story-shorter: Girlfriend is busy!

What say you, Supe fans? Stoked Sam’s dead ex is being exhumed? Comment away!

Source: EW

In addition to bringing back the angelic Jessica- Supernatural has cast their Lucifer!

Mark Pellegrino’s career is on fire. Literally.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the actor — who was unmasked as Lost’s enigmatic Jacob at the end of last season — is joining the cast of Supernatural as none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Lucifer.

Lucifer was released from hell in Supe’s season finale last month, although we never caught a glimpse of the little devil’s face. All of that will change when Pellegrino debuts in the show’s Sept. 10 season premiere.

So, does this mean we’ve seen the last of Jacob on Lost? An ABC rep couldn’t be reached for comment, but here’s a potential clue: Pellegrino isn’t joining Supernatural as a full-time series regular; his status is listed as recurring. You do the math.

Thoughts on this red-hot piece of casting? Sound off

Source: EW

MORE CASTING NEWS! Supernatural has their new MEG and she is a hot one! Rachel Miner from Californication is coming to Supernatural- who bets she is gunning for some payback from the Winchesters?

For those who’ve been wondering what happened to Meg, the sassy demon with a huge grudge against Supernatural’s Winchester brothers, she’s back! And Rachel Miner, the former Mrs. Macaulay Culkin, who got her start on Guiding Light and was most recently seen as a bisexual S&M practicing character on Californication, is playing the character, last seen in Season 2. “I’ve been wondering, what Meg’s doing out there,” creator Eric Kripke tells TV Guide Magazine exclusively. “I’ve been continually asking the writers, ‘Where’s Meg?” She’s would make a really formidable adversary. I got impatient and ended up writing her into my own script.” So far, Miner’s been signed for one episode.

This comes on top of the previously reported casting of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. Satan is a nice turnaround for the actor, who played Lost’s mysterious God-like Jacob in May’s season finale, although he did portray Rita’s devilish abusive husband on Dexter.

So what do you Supernatural fans think of the casting? Does Pellegrino fit your image of Lucifer? And will you miss Nicki Aycox, who originally played Meg?

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Let’s talk some more about Rachel Miner

Rachel has been acting since she was a child and loves to act. I found an excellent interview with her talking about acting in THE COLLEGE CRIER from April 0f 2008. She talks about really understanding a character and getting into the part and taking parts for the character. She has done tons of  independent films including some low budget horror stuff as well as theater work. She is a 3rd generation actor and really treats it like a craft. I am so happy with this casting. Everyone was worried when we initially saw that they were bringing Meg back- and hoping we would not get a repeat of the disaster that Genevieve Cortese was as the wrong actress to continue a role. Rachel’s character on Californication is this dark twisty tatted up really sexual young woman. Here is an interview with her and the real Suicide Girls who she studied to get her character right.

I have caps with Rachel in our forums at CSCC from Californication.

The WBNX Blog from the Cleveland CW station has more casting news and confirms some

SUPERNATURAL: Remember Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica, who died on the ceiling in the series pilot?  Adrianne Palicki returns for an episode this fall.  Rob Benedict (Chuck the prophet) and Julie McNiven (Anna the angel) are also back to help the Winchesters in their new war with the underworld.

Jenny over at HuntersAddict has been talking with Rob’s people and the news of his return has been the talk of the web for a while- but has just been made official thanks to WBNX- I am guessing we will see him in the premiere since he and Castiel were together when the episode ended with one Archangel on the way.

Wrapping up Season 4- Jensen Ackles had a few comments to make about the end of the season and the Dean and Sam-ness of the finale earlier this month at the Paley Golf Tournament. Video from The CW Source:

Comic Con- Word is that right now Misha Collins, Jim Beaver and Eric Kripke are a lock for the convention in San Diego in July. Jensen and Jared are not – which shouldn’t surprise too many people as the guys spent a fair amount of their precious break doing conventions.

Speaking of Jim Beaver- how cool was his exit on Harper’s Island? Definitely gank of the week material. No HI this week- but the series will wrap with a two hour finale the following week.