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1.08 Chuck Versus the Truth (Original Airdate: 11/12/2007)

Written by: Allison Adler

Directed by: Robert Duncan McNeill

Final Grade: B+

Episode Summary:

Two many girls. Chuck’s attraction to a cute brunette named Lou complicates his relationship with Sarah.

General Thoughts:

This episode revealed so much and once again showed how far Chuck is willing to go for someone he loves. His bond with his

sister is one of the best things about the show and really serves to show what a regular guy he actually is. It is always fascinating

to watch regular individuals deal with extraordinary circumstances.

It is also interesting watching Chuck fighting against his cover life after meeting Lou, a sandwich-maker who seems perfect for him.

Plus the fact that Lou is played by Rachel Bilson is icing on the cake! It is one thing to make the choice to live a lie, but it is

another thing to have the lies chosen for you. Watching Chuck navigate his tricky life is always intriguing.

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Quotes: Chuck: I’m getting way too comfortable lying and sneaking around with all this spy stuff.. I’m starting to feel that is my real life.

Sarah: It’s all to be expected. It’s an existential spy crisis of sorts.

Chuck: It used to be all compartmentalized: Chuck world and spy world, but when I watched those ambulance doors close and

my sister was behind them with that sweaty, nuclear-spy freak my worlds collided. I put Ellie’s life in danger.

Sarah: Chuck is not wrong very often.

Casey: But he is annoying all the time.

Ellie: If everything is awesome, and nothing is unawesome, then awesome by definition is just mediocre!

Ellie: (Bursting in on Chuck and Sarah after being exposed to truth serum) When Chuck was little and anyone would ask what he

wanted to be when he grew up, he’d say a big boy. How cute is that? He wanted to be a big boy!

Chuck: Ellie, you’re killing me here.

Ellie: And I know he’s a big boy, cause he’s with a big girl. A big, big girl!

Captain Awesome: Sorry, man. I tried to stop her.

Chuck: Is she drunk?

Ellie: Chuck, I have a confession. When you were ten, I told you a burglar stole your piggy bank, it was me. Having a New Kids

fanny pack was really important to me.

Sarah: Chuck, take it!

Chuck: What? No way, I’m not gonna take it knowing Ellie’s been poisoned, and you guys!

Sarah: I’m sorry Chuck, there’s no debating this. It has to be you!

Casey: Right now, or I’ll force it down your throat!

Chuck: Alright. I’m going to pretend to take it then run to my sister and make her take it. Why the hell did I just say that out


Sarah: It’s the poison, it makes you tell the truth!

Casey: If you do that, I’ll chase you, put a gun to your head and threaten to pull the trigger!

Chuck: Would you really shoot me?

Casey: No.

Chuck: Yeah, why waste a bullet? We’re already dead!

Chuck: You know, if I had a blog, this would be a really big day for me.

Chuck: Who’s better at it?

Sarah: I am.

Casey: She is. Damn truth serum!

Reardon: Who’s there?

Chuck: The NSA, CIA and me! Which is a little tougher to explain…


“Toxic” by Britney Spears

“Fresh Feeling” by The Eels

“Ain’t I Been Good to You” by The Isley Brothers

1.09 Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami (Original Airdate: 11/19/2007)

Written by: Scott Rosenbaum & Matt Miller

Directed by: Jason Ensler

Final Grade: A-

Episode Summary:

Lou is everything Chuck has been looking for: pretty, sweet, bright – and really into him. Or is she?

General Thoughts:

While it seems ridiculous that a random woman Chuck finds himself attracted to is unknowingly part of a smuggling group, it is

interesting to watch Sarah become somewhat jealous of Chuck’s new relationship with Lou and not just because it complicates his

cover. The chemistry between Chuck and Sarah is palpable.

The episode had a number of fun plot points. Morgan dating Anna is an unexpected development, but in the end intriguing.

Sarah’s terrifying seduction of Lester was one of the funniest scenes on the show to date. All in all this episode was not only

funny, but moved along with bigger storyline


Jeff: Heart breaker.

Lester: Dream maker.

Jeff: Love taker.

General Beckman: I don’t like the idea of this breakup at all. What the hell happened?

Casey: She got dumped.

Sarah: We decided that it would be best for Chuck to date a civilian. It will help secure his cover in the event that someone IDs


Casey: Yeah, because she got dumped.

Casey: (Hands a rose to Chuck) Aren’t you forgetting something, Romeo?

Chuck: Oh-ho, of course. Let me guess: this is equipped with some kind of microscopic, infrared tracking device that determines…

her mother’s Communist affiliations?

Casey: No, idiot. It’s so you can get laid.

Casey: (After Lou walks off) How was the date?

Chuck: Is it just me, or does our government want me never to have sex again?

Chuck: Well excuse me, if I’m not Mr. Perfect Spy, we can’t be all Bryce Larkin now can we?

Sarah: Who’s jealous now?

Chuck: Me jealous of you and Bryce? Never.

Sarah: Said everything that you wanna say?

Chuck: More or less.

Sarah: Good, now SHUT UP; you’re sucking up all the air.


“My Absent Will” by Meredith Bragg & The Terminals

1.10 Chuck Versus the Nemesis (Original Airdate: 11/26/2007)

Written by: Chris Fedak

Directed by: Allison Liddi Brown

Final Grade: A

Episode Summary:

Morgan’s problem: He’s in charge of prepping the BuyMore for Black Friday. Chuck’s problem: Bryce is back!

General Thoughts:

Man did this episode have action. Not only was their gunfighting and kung fu action, but Big Mike cleared the counter in a single

bound! The unexpected, but not unwelcome return of Bryce allowed for some interesting dramatic work from both Chuck and

Sarah. After watching Sarah and Bryce take out the bad guys, even Chuck had to admit they were the perfect team. Bryce really

is the perfect spy and he even speaks Klingon. The introduction of Fulcrum is also a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, BuyMore preparing for Black Friday turned out to be far more amusing than expected. Between Morgan taking

command and rescuing Anna from the mob to Lester and Jeff cowering under the Nerd Herd desk, the BuyMore storyline was

executed perfectly.


Sarah: Chuck, Bryce is alive.

Chuck: I don’t get it, Bryce, why’d you do it? Why’d you send me the Intersect? Then why did you destroy it? And last up, how the

hell are you still alive?

Bryce: It’s complicated

Chuck: Who saved you?

Bryce: They did.

Chuck: They saved you? Did they? Could you be any more cryptic?

Morgan: The word that cannot be said.

Lester: I really just want to say pineapple a few times.

Jeff: Pineapples are fun; my dad used to throw them at me.

Bryce: Hello, Chuck.

Chuck: Sarah and Casey are right inside. One girlish scream from me and they go into combat mode.

Ellie: I am thankful for my family and my friends.

Casey: Eh…I pass.

Devon: Chuck?

Chuck: I’m thankful that Bryce Larkin is dead and is not currently in my bedroom making out with my new girlfriend. (He pointedly

looks at Casey)

Casey: Ahem. Excuse me.

Morgan: Wow, buddy, that was, um, really…dark.

Devon: And specific.

Chuck: Isn’t it someone else’s turn to be the human shield?

Bryce: They want me to go after Fulcrum, on my own, off the radar.

Casey: Sounds like Heaven.


“No One’s Gonna Love You” by Band Of Horses

“On Sale Now” by Daniel May

“Sugar Assault Me Now” by Pop Levi

1.11 Chuck Versus the Crown Vic (Original Airdate: 12/3/2007)

Written by: Zev Borow

Directed by: Chris Fisher

Final Grade: B+

Episode Summary:

Despite his sprained-but-not-broken heart, Chuck must pose as Sarah’s boyfriend to catch a counterfeiter.

General Thoughts: This episode starts slow, but really showcases Casey extremely well. Casey seems to often get stuck with the less glamorous

roles when it comes to the missions. He’s the limo driver or bartender. His explanation to Sarah that they chose this life is

admirable and watching him go through the five stages of grief almost simultaneously over the loss of his beloved Crown Vic was

a sight to see and a fantastic showcase for Adam Baldwin.

On a side note, Lester exploit his conversion to Judaism allowed for some great scenes at the BuyMore holiday party. That store

really knows how to party!


Big Mike: So there’s no confusion, I’ll go over the rules. Rule #1: JEFF, no spiking the egg nog!

Jeff: Can I bring my own?

Big Mike: No! Rule #2: JEFF, no holding the mistletoe over the women and copping a feel.

Chuck: Sir, hopefully, if Jeff follows rule #1, which I’m sure…he might do, uh, then rule #2 won’t…won’t apply.

Big Mike: Good point.

Morgan: By the way, never trust a woman whose name is a palindrome

Sarah: Do you ever just want to have a normal life? Have a family? Children?

Casey: The choice we made to protect something bigger than ourselves is the right choice. Hard as that is for you to remember



“Giving My Love Up To You” – Henry Turner’s Crystal Band

“Have A Holly Jolly Christmas” – Burl Ives

“I Melt with You” – Modern English

“Pimp Juice” – Nelly

“Christmas in Hollis” – Run DMC

“Deck the Halls” – Unknown

“Oh Come All Ye Faithful” – Unknown

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1.12 Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover (Original Airdate: 1/24/2008)

Written by: Phil Klemmer

Directed by: Fred Toye

Final Grade: A-

Episode Summary:

Chuck Bartowski, love coach? Tough-guy Casey takes the geek’s advice and fights for the love of a mysterious Russian.

General Thoughts:

It’s hard to go wrong when a good portion of this episode makes references and parallels to Casablanca. In this version Casey is

cast as Rick Blaine with a mysterious Russian beauty playing Ilsa. It’s nice to know that Casey is human and does have feelings.

Watching Casey fight with a screaming Chuck attached to his back was hilarious. He also did pretty good job of taking out the bad

guys all on his own. Also, I knew Neil Diamond songs could be funny, but the use of “Love on the Rocks” in this episode took the

song to new levels.


Chuck: I’m glad Casey had someone at least once in his life. I was beginning to think downstairs, he was built like a Ken doll.

Chuck: Casey, I don’t want to die as a man-stewardess!

Casey: I think I see a scenario where we both get out of here with acceptable losses.

Chuck: What exactly is your version of acceptable?

Casey: Breaks and punctures, possible loss of a limb, no major organ damage.

Chuck: Well Casey, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

(Casey shoves Chuck and locks his door behind him)

Chuck: Or… maybe not.


“Ultimate” by Gogol Bordello

“Love On The Rocks” by Neil Diamond

“Mexican Hat Dance” (Chuck’s cellphone ring tone)

1.13 Chuck Versus the Marlin (Original Airdate: 1/24/2008)

Written by: Matthew Lau

Directed by: Allan Kroeker Final Grade: B+

Episode Summary:

Big Mike’s four-foot Marlin, Ellie’s engagement ring and everything else in the BuyMore store disappear.

General Thoughts:

As soon as Captain Awesome entrusted Ellie’s engagement ring to Chuck, it was obvious that the ring would go missing. While the storyline wasn’t the best and the episode felt somewhat uneven, it did do several things right.

The rooftop scene between Sarah and Chuck showcased how well this show does emotional scenes. It was also heartening to see Casey as a full-fledged member of Team Chuck. Casey really does care about Chuck and wants the best for him. It was also amusing to listen to Captain Awesome’s list of ideas on how to propose.


Sarah: He can’t hear it like that. He won’t process it. How do you give a man a life sentence just for being a good guy?

Casey: Okay. How about I give it a try, gently?

Sarah: No, I don’t want to hear your version of it and neither does he.

Casey: It’s a job. How come you gotta get your lady feelings involved?

Chuck: Say it. Say what you’re not saying!

Sarah: If we don’t locate the receiver in the next 24 hours…

Casey: You’ll be stores in a bunker for so long you’ll forget what fresh air smells like. (Turning to Sarah) See? That was very


Casey: We’re on it. We, meaning I go get Lizzie while you find Chuck.

(Sarah turns and looks at him somewhat surprised)

Well, don’t make me change my mind.

Chuck: Sarah, I’m not ready to disappear.

Sarah: No, I know.

Chuck: I need you to talk to Ellie and to Morgan and my friends and tell them…I don’t know. Look, if I’m supposed to be dead,

just say something that will make it okay, that will make them feel all right. Just make sure they know how much I love them.

You can do that, right? Of course you can. You’re Sarah. You can do anything. Hey and there is a silver lining to this too, you

know…because we’re not working together anymore, which means we can go on a date. You can come by my cell and we can

hang out. And you can tell me who the president is. And maybe, uh, maybe we can see how we really feel.

Lizzie: I don’t think you’re in the position to bargain, Chuck. I have two guns, what do you have?

Sarah: Me.

Captain Awesome: Way to go, Chuck. I always knew you could handle my family jewels.

Casey: (To Sarah) We can only keep him here for so long. You realize that, don’t you?


“Style” – U R Penetrators

“Get Away” – Butcher the Bar

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