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La Femme Nikita starring Peta Wilson ran from 1997 through 2002 with 5 seasons of episodes airing on Showtime in the US. This was the show that ALIAS was based on- and both are based on the French film of the same name. has all 5 seasons to view online in HQ gorgeous streaming video that only requires a decent high speed internet connection- super speed not required. If you can watch video on Youtube- you can watch!

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Show Description

Condemned to death for a vicious crime she didn’t commit, Nikita (Peta Wilson) reluctantly chooses to live as a secret government assassin whose life is controlled by a mysterious agent (Roy Dupuis) and his colleagues. Based on the characters created for the film Nikita, the show premiered on broadcast television January 13, 1997.

Here is an archive set visit with ET Canada from 1999 during the shooting of season 3 with Peta Wilson



Born in Sydney, November 18, 1970 to a retired warrant officer and caterer, Wilson moved a dozen times by the age of thirteen. In high school, Wilson was named “best player” of her Australian national netball team and later moved to Europe where she became a model. In 1991 she moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on becoming an actress. She landed many small roles periodically over the next six years until she landed the leading role on La Femme Nikita in 1997.


A Canadian native, Dupuis learned English as a teenager and studied acting in Montreal at the National Theatre School of Canada where he graduated in 1996. Dupuis’ acting credits include film, television and theater, but he is best known for his role as Michael on La Femme Nikita.


Also a native of Canada, Watson began performing with a local Toronto theater group at the age of 15, where she did Hamlet in a workshop directed by Rene Bonniere, who later directed her in La Femme Nikita. During the second season of Nikita, Watson was diagnosed with lymphoma and lost her hair from chemotherapy. Nikita producers worked around her treatment and limited her appearances. Watson wore wigs on the show and when her hair started to grow back, she sported a short haircut in the show’s third season. Watson’s acting credits include television shows such as Law & Order, 24, and The Outer Limits. She has also been in films including indie hits like Spanking the Monkey and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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