Happy Town- not so much Sneak Peek plus spoiler photos with some familiar faces

Happy Town is the other ABC mid-year show I am really looking forward to coming in 2010. An all-star cast and a dark premise this should have some dark humor as well as creepy goings on. Hopefully the show will get some time to develop. I love a series set in the frozen northern mid-west where people talk in their unique way that we all learned in Fargo and well- those long winters just do things to people…. The series includes some Multipleversese favorite actors. Sam Neill is always a solid watch, most recently seen in flash backs on Crusoe, Amy Acker will be juggling Happy Town with duties as the doctor on Dollhouse, Dean Winters is everywhere these days- he was of course Charlie on Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles and was the evil father on last year’s series Life on Mars. Also part of the cast is Robert Wisdom- familiar to MV readers as Uriel the angel who hates humans on Supernatural. Stacy Keach was memorable on Prison Break as the warden that the guys had to get one over on and get past in the first big escape.

51 Pilot Spoiler PHOTOS with the entire cast including Amy Acker, Dean Winters, Sam Neill and Robert Wisdom

Photos used for promotional purposes courtesy of ABC Media

Official description: Haplin, Minnesota, “Happy Town,” is approaching almost a decade of peace after being riddled for years by unsolved kidnappings. But in the wake of this small town’s first crime in seven years, some dark truths are being revealed about some familiar faces. They say every town has its secrets… that doesn’t even begin to describe Happy Town.

“Happy Town” stars Geoff Stults as Tommy Conroy, Lauren German as Henley, Amy Acker as Rachel Conroy, Dean Winters as John Haplin, John Patrick Amedori as Andrew Haplin, Sarah Gadon as Georgia Bravin, Jay Paulson as Eli ‘Root Beer’ Rogers, Robert Wisdom as Roger Hobbes and Sam Neill as Merritt Grieves.

The series is from ABC Studios. Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberg are executive producers and co-writers. The pilot was directed by Gary Fleder, who is also an executive producer.

Sneak Peek at the pilot