Legend of the Seeker Spoilers & News

December 11th, 2008

I know you’re getting spammed w/ Legend news, but hey when it pours, put out a cup and take a drink.

Legend of the Seeker is a hit for syndication. According to BroadcastingCable.com, Episode 01×06 ELIXIR performed very well:

Disney-ABC’s first-run action hour Legend of the Seeker clocked a 2.4 and more than 3.6 million viewers in its first month on the air.

What does that mean? Check out the ratings for the first 6 eps so far - even though it dropped off after the premiere, the show is gaining viewers back. I’ll be interested to see how IDENTITY does and am expecting 01×08 DENNA to be a ratings smash when the show returns in 4 weeks with new episodes.

Episode Date                                     Rating Viewers (in millions)

“Prophecy (1)”,”Destiny (2)” Nov. 1st, 2008    1.5/3 5.88 “Bounty” Nov. 8th, 2008                                 2.9 4.305 “Brennidon” Nov. 15th, 2008                          2.0 3.0 “Listener” Nov. 22nd, 2008                             2.1 3.0+ “Elixir” Nov. 29nd, 2008                                 2.4 3.6

(Thanks Sword-of-Truth.com for the ratings breakdown.)


Transcribed by Multipleverses.com from Sci-fi Magazine February 2009 Issue (BSG cover.)

“Richard is going to be tested like he’s never been tested before, by a new villain who is incredibly powerful and also an incredibly seductive woman who works in the service of Darken Rahl,” says executive producer Ken Biller. “She is also a favorite character from the book. Her name is Denna.” Denna will be played by Australian actress Jessica Marais. (Click HERE to peruse some photos of the lovely actress in our gallery and HERE for some leaked DENNA character photos.)

Also, Kahlan will still be dealing with “a bit of an existential crisis based on troubling information she learned,” says Biller. “She has become very concerned that she is, in fact, a danger to Richard. She is struggling with whether or not she can continue on the quest.”

In “Puppeteer,” Zed has to, in disguise, infiltrate a castle in order to try to procure a very dangerous object,” he says. “It’s a really interesting episode where we get to see both the comedic and dramatic talents of the actor Bruce Spence. He has to forge a relationship with a young girl who is basically a slave in the palace, and essentially get her out and get the box out at the same time. At the same time, Richard and Kahlan are confronting the possibility that they know where Darken Rahl is going to be for the first time, and they may have the opportunity to kill him.”

“Over the course of these episodes we’re really going to delve into the relationship between Richard and Kahlan and their growing feelings for each other, as well as the revelation about what it is that is keeping them apart.”

The Confessor and The Seeker forums are hopping with activity while we anxiously wait for the next round of episodes.

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