Benderspink to adapt “Last Blood”

April 2nd, 2008

Crosby comicbook concerns band of vampires


Benderspink is adapting “Last Blood,” based on Bobby Crosby’s comicbook centered on a band of vampires protecting the Earth’s last human survivors of a zombie apocalypse.”Last Blood” was co-created by siblings Bobby Crosby and Chris Crosby but Bobby penned the comicbook alone.

The deal with Benderspink reps the first feature sale for the brothers, who founded Blatant Comics in 1997 and began serializing “Last Blood” online in late 2006. The story was then published in four issues last year.

Benderspink, headed by Chris Bender and J.C. Spink, has a variety of comicbook properties set up including “Power and Glory” and “Y: The Last Man” at New Line, “The Ghouly Boys” at Mandate and “Pet Robots” at Disney. It’s also developing “Area 52,” a sci-fi actioner based on the Image Comics series by Brian Haberlin.

 Source: Variety