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Oh Captain! Nathan Fillion Charms the Crowd at Phoenix Comicon14

Today’s panels led up to the main event – Nathan Fillion! Nathan is sweet, charming, funny, and might be the most appreciative celebrity that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Nathan had a nice running gag where he gave an item to a member of the crowd who asked questions – first he gave his watch, then he gave the moderator’s watch, then he gave – a watch…turns out there was a whole bag of […]

Batman Reunited! Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar discuss Classic Batman at Phoenix Comicon 14


Today’s big panels began with a 1966 Batman TV Series reunion panel with Julie Newmar, Burt Ward, and Adam West. The three were victims to Phoenix morning traffic so the panel was a little late starting. Adam West was asked if being campy Batman prevented him from getting other jobs – he said that there was a few years after the show left that he found it difficult, but in the end here they are […]

Mark Sheppard brings the Devil to Phoenix Comicon 14

The King of Hell came to Phoenix in the middle of summer and didn’t seem to overly mind the heat. The Supernatural folks do some many conventions that Mark didn’t need a moderator, he rather owned the audience just like Misha Collins did back when we saw him 2 years ago at Emerald City Comicon. Mark enjoys tormenting fans by only partially answering their questions. He also jumped off of the stage several times during […]

Manu Bennett discusses Arrow, The Hobbit, Spartacus at Phoenix Comicon 14


I think I might be officially smitten. Manu’s been working at a lot of cons and even though he showed up late due to being stuck in traffic, he was absolutely delightful, funny, charming, and yeah those biceps of his are quite spectacular. Manu Bennett talked about the multiple injuries that he got working on Spartacus, how in New Zealand actors do their own stunts, he found it odd coming to US/Canada where thanks to […]

John Rhys Davies discusses his long career at Phoenix Comicon 14


At his panel, John said that he felt that perhaps Steven Speilberg wouldn’t be able to ever replicate the pure joy from the original “Raiders” films, in them he showed the Nazi’s as being goofballs, now after doing films like “Schindler’s List” he knows that the Nazi’s were not a laughing matter which would likely make it impossible for him to go back to view them in a light-hearted manner. He said he was offered […]

Phoenix Comicon 13 – A Con for the Record books! Spotlight Walter Koenig


Phoenix Comicon 13 – A Con for the Record books! The numbers are in and Phoenix Comicon has joined the ranks of the biggest and baddest Comic Con’s that are held across the country! According to Publisher’s Weekly, Phoenix’s largest pop culture event is the seventh largest Comic convention in the United States, beating Anaheim’s Wondercon and is hot on the trail of Seattle’s Emerald City Con. With over 55,313 people in attendance for Phoenix […]

Supernatural – TV Guide Winner Promo plus 7.19 Of Grave Importance Sneak Peek

Congrats to Supernatural for winning the TV Guide favorite Horror Series ! New episode Friday- here is our first real sneak peek. Bobby is trying to get through to the guys. Related PostsJim Beaver Talks Supernatural & his Career at Phoenix Comicon 2015 Supernatural – Episode 10×15 Look ahead promo Supernatural – Episode 10×15 The Things They Carried Promo Video

The Walking Dead – Episode 2.12 Better Angels – Recap and Review


There is only one episode of The Walking Dead left for the season – this week was the lead in. Last week we saw Dale taken out by a lone walker. This week the group deals with the fallout from losing such a key member of their group. “Better Angels” opens with Rick giving Dale’s eulogy and his words being voiced over a shot of Andrea, Shane, T-Dog and Daryl on a zombie hunt. They […]

Riese: Kingdom Falling Trailer & Wallpapers


Will Wheaton & Felicia Day Talk “The Guild” Web Series Season 4

At Phoenix Comic Con 2010 this weekend Will Wheaton & Felicia Day were on hand to talk about the 4th season of their popular web series “The Guild.” Will talked about the freedom in playing a character who’s completely evil, and Felicia went in detail about the trials with trying to finance and put on a web series. You can check out the award winning series on their Website WatchTheGuild. Be sure to click under […]

Comic-Con: ‘Spartacus’ death toll ‘like nothing you’ve seen’

“This will have a death toll like nothing you’ve seen on television before,” vowed writer-producer Steven DeKnight of “Spartacus,” Starz’s new sword-and-sandals epic coming in January. The premium channel unveiled the trailer during a Comic-Con panel today, and indeed the series looks gory. And full of naked bodies! Imagine the nudity of HBO’s “Rome,” the violence of “Gladiator” and the look of “300,” and you’ll have a good idea of what “Spartacus” is like. It’s […]

Legend of the Seeker: 01×17 Deception Promo Photos & Video

Deception airs weekend of March 28th (and is our last new episode until the weekend of April 25th.) You can also view the promo photos in our gallery. Finally – here’s a rare interview with Bridget Regan and Craig Horner from their LOTS press tour back in October ’08 when they appeared on Good Morning America! Related PostsWinners List Multipleverses Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll Multipleverses – Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series […]

Legend of the Seeker 01×16 Bloodline Promo Photos & Video

This weekend is the next to the last of the 6 week run of new episodes of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER and it looks like things are really heating up with the return of Denna (DIE! DIE! DIE!) and the joining of the 3 Boxes of Orden! Be sure to check your local listings for episode air times! Here is the promo video for the episode! Related Posts‘Legend of the Seeker’s’ Tabrett Bethell Joins ABC’s […]

TSCC/Dollhouse Fridays Promo Video

This is what we’ve been waiting for from Fox to promote their new Sci-Fi Friday nights? Apparently Fox thinks that the lead in show for Fridays is “Terminator: the Cameron Chronicles.” Males I’m sure will love this but this ad, however, it’s already managed to piss off our female forum members. Quite frankly it’s demeaning, offensive, and insulting considering that TSCC is one the most intelligent dramas on Television as is often praised by the […]

Behind the Scenes on DOLLHOUSE

Related PostsJanuary SciFi Wrap Up Dollhouse – 2×13 – “Epitaph Two: Return” Episode Stills Dollhouse 2×11 Getting Close & 2×12 The Hollow Man Episode Stills

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