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Duerme, bebe (Spanish Edition) by Beatrice Hollyer (2001-10-01)

Stargate Atlantis

Aaron Douglas and Paul McGillion Panel – Phoenix Comic Con 2011

My recording from the floor! Complete panel. Paul gets picked on by Aaron as the two battle over which verse is better. Both have upcoming Syfy movies they talk about filming too. Related PostsSean Astin Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016 James Marsters Returns to Phoenix Comicon 2016 David Ramsey Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016

Paul McGillion Panel – Phoenix Comic Con 2011

Friday May 27 2011 – full panel video with Paul! Related PostsMark Pelligrino comes to Phoenix Comicon 2016 Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner join Phoenix Comicon 2016 Billie Piper Joins Phoenix Comicon 2016

Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series on DVD March 23, 2010

Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series Collection Explore the celestial wonders of an unknown world and experience the ultimate Sci-Fi adventure with “Stargate: Atlantis” The Complete Series giftset splashing on to DVD March 23 from MGM Home Entertainment. From award-winning Executive Producers Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, “Stargate: Atlantis” is anchored with a compelling ensemble cast including Joe Flanigan (The Other Sister), Rachel Luttrel (Imposter), David Hewlett (“The Triangle”), Jason Momoa (“Baywatch: Hawaii”) and Torri […]


SYFY’s STARGATE UNIVERSE REACHES NEW SERIES HIGH WITH LIVE +7 DATA Episode Two Audience Grows To Three Million Total Viewers and Continues as Most Watched Stargate In More Than Four Years New York, NY – October 26, 2009 – The second episode of Syfy’s Stargate Universe on Friday, October 9, reflecting full Live +7 DVR data, became the most watched Stargate since March 2005 when its reached three million total viewers (2.99 million), along with […]

SGA comes to HULU

This is big news! MGM and HULU have made a deal and for the first time Stargate Atlantis episodes are now available to view online on HULU. They currently have the first 10 episodes of season 5 up- click HERE. Related PostsMultipleverses – Sci Fi Franchise Showdown is now Open! Winners List Multipleverses Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll Multipleverses – Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll

Multipleverses Salutes Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

By Kate Blake- admin Multipleverses Tonight is the series finale for Stargate Atlantis- and no matter what else happens the Stargate team has provided us viewers with a fun ride! Prior to SGA Joe Flanigan ( John Sheppard) was best known for playing in a lot of soapy dramatic roles. I remember his first big break when he played the much younger man in the series Sisters. On SGA John has been the leader , […]

SGA: Finale Prep Montage video

Get ready for the big final episode of Stargate Atlantis with this montage video covering what has happened this – I am really sad to see SGA end- but am glad that like BSG they are going out on top while the quality is good. Be sure to check out our gallery- I loaded a TON of SGA and SG-1 official wallpapers this week that you can snag for your desktop. Related PostsStargate Universe 2×15 […]

Stargate Atlantis- 520 Enemy at the Gate- Final Episode Trailer + Spoiler Clips

Trailer for the final episode I have three spoiler clips for the finale- you can click on the read more link below to view them!THESE HAVE HUGE spoilers for the final episode so don’t watch if you don’t want to be completely spoiled- of course if you just can’t control yourself…… Related PostsJOHN RHYS-DAVIES (LORD OF THE RINGS), JOE FLANIGAN (STARGATE: ATLANTIS) AND STEPHEN REA (V IS FOR VENDETTA) STAR IN APRIL SYFY SATURDAY ORIGINAL […]

SGA gets ready to sign off as the gate closes down

Stargate Atlantis is doing what few shows get the luxury of doing- they are going out on top. On top of the ratings and coming off of a great season with lots of good stories with their core featured characters. The final two episodes look great! We have some magazine scans to share with news about the last episodes- if you snag them- please link back! Thanks! All scans are HQ in our gallery along […]

Stargate Atlantis returns on January 2, 2009- only 2 episodes left

Make sure you catch the AU episode of SGA that is the second to the last before the big finale on Jan 9. Related PostsSYFY PUSHES BOUNDARIES OF IMAGINATION THIS SPRING WITH MARCEL’S QUANTUM KITCHEN DARING NEW COOKING SHOW UNVEILS THE FUTURE OF FOOD Stargate Universe Season 2.5 Teaser Promo Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Coming to SyFy

Stargate Atlantis- Spoilers for the final episodes

From the Dec 15 08 issue of TV Guide- transcribed by Multipleverses The Stargate SG-1 spin-off is signing off after five seasons. On January 2 there’s an homage to CSI , set and filmed in Las Vegas. In this alternate reality , Sheppard  ( Joe Flanigan) is a detective and McKay ( David Hewlett) and Woolsey ( Robert Picardo) are FBI agents trying to solve “a series of murders leaving dessiccated corpses,” says executive producer […]

Stargate Atlantis- 518 Identity Trailer

The last episodes are counting down- only two to go after this week- so sad! When does SGU begin? Related PostsStargate Universe 2×07 The Greater Good Sneak Peek Stargate Universe 2×07 “The Greater Good” Stills & Eps 7-10 Descriptions RIESE KINGDOM FALLING Cast Chats up the Coolness of RIESE

516 Brain Storm Trailer

The final episodes of Stargate Atlantis are counting down- next week includes guest star Dave Foley. Alt viewer: Related PostsSyfy Sneaks: Sanctuary, SGU and Scare Tactics SYFY INVITES FANS TO OWN A PIECE OF THEIR FAVORITE SYFY SHOWS WITH A WEEKLY AUCTION ON SYFY.COM, CELEBRATING THE DEBUT OF HOLLYWOOD TREASURE, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27 Stargate Universe 2×05 “Cloverdale” Episode Stills

5.15 Remnants Trailer

New Stargate Atlantis trailer – Remnants. An old enemy shows up in an unexpected location….Promo photos in our gallery HERE. Related PostsWin a Sanctuary and SGU Prize Pack plus watch all new Sanctuary in October SGU Season 2 off to a Strong Start SGU 2.02 Aftermath Sneak Peek

5.19 Vegas Stargate Atlantis Promo Photos

New SGA Promo Photos are up for the episode Vegas- look for some familiar Sopranos guest stars….View complete set HQ in our gallery HERE. A sampling to view here : Photos courtesy of Andreas on LJ Related PostsStargate Universe 2×02 “Aftermath” Episode Description & Stills Stargate Universe New Trailer & Intervention Stills SGU Cast Talks Season 2

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