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Flash Forward

Shohreh Aghdashloo talks about Flash Forward and being an Iranian actress

I first saw Shohreh in a role that really stood out to me when she played the mysterious Egyptian mob boss lady on the short run crime drama Smith which also starred The Mentalist- Simon Baker. Shohreh has had an interesting career and is working on her memoirs along with being a featured member of the cast trying to unravel the mysteries of Flash Forward on ABC. Watch her interview this week. Related PostsWinners List […]

Flash Forward Cast Interviews: Dominic Monaghan and Christine Woods

These are from last week- both actors talk about the direction their characters are moving in. These are my recordings- have fun! Related PostsSpike TV Announces Talent for “SCREAM Awards 2011 Michael Emerson Back With ‘Lost’s’ J.J. Abrams on CBS Pilot – The Hollywood Reporter Superstars Align Under A Full Moon For Spike’s “SCREAM 2010”

Flash Forward 1×10 A561984 Episode Stills

ABC Studios Related PostsMaking the Cut- Which Sci Fi Shows will return for 2010-2011? Flash Forward Finale 1.21 Countdown & 1.22 Future Shock Trailer and Spoiler Pics Flash Forward 1.20 The Negotiation Trailer plus Spoiler Photos

Sonya Walger Talks “Flash Forward” to TV Guide

Related PostsJames Callis talks about his role on Eureka and life after BSG Flash Forward Episode 1.19 Course Correction Sneak Peeks Flash Forward Spoiler Roundup

Courtney B. Vance talks about Flash Forward plus some MV commentary

Editorial commentary by Kate Blake- admin MV Courtney B. Vance was at the Breeders Cup in Santa Anita this weekend where he discussed why he was there and what to expect on Flash Forward this season. Personally- I was miffed my stupid DVR did not record last weeks episode and I am yet to catch up online. Frakkers! I had been enjoying the show immensely right up to the point where Olivia started whining at […]

Jack Davenport talks Lloyd from “Flash Forward”

Related PostsFlash Forward Episode 1.17 The Garden of Forking Paths Sneak Previews plus Cast Interview with Jack Davenport Flash Forward- Episode 1.17- The Garden of Forking Paths Promo Photos Flash Forward 1.16 Trailer

Flash Forward 1×06 “Scary Monsters & Super Creeps” Episode Stills

Photo credit ABC Studios. Related PostsFlash Forward 1.15 Queen’s Sacrifice 8 Spoiler Clips Flash Forward 1.15 Queen Sacrifice- Trailers plus episode info, promo photos Flash Forward 1.14 Better Angels Trailers plus 6 Sneak Peeks

Flash Forward 1×04 The Black Swan

Here are some photos and episode description the for the episode of “Flash Forward” that airs tonight on ABC at 8PM! Bryce believes a patient’s flash-forward may be the key to a correct diagnosis and treatment, but Olivia isn’t sure; Demetri and Mark argue over their reactions to their flash-forwards; Nicole returns to work as Charlie’s babysitter and shares what she saw: a murder. Photo credit: ABC Studios Related PostsGabrielle Union and Joseph Fiennes talk […]

Flash Forward 1×03 “137 Sekunden”

1×03 – “137 Sekunden” In Germany, Mark and Janis meet an imprisoned Nazi who claims knowledge about the mass blackout; a tip causes Demetri to fear the worst about his future; Aaron asks Mark to help him get his daughter’s remains exhumed and DNA retested. Related PostsFlash Forward Joseph Fiennes Interview Flash Forward- official episode info for the return of the series Flash Forward Episode 1.11 and 1.12 3 Sneak Peeks

Multipleverses Fall 2009 SciFi TV Viewing Guide

By Kate Blake- Editor and Admin Last week marked the official beginning of the new fall TV season which included some returning favorites and some new faces to the sci-fi and action tv landscape. Here are some of the highlights to date- SPOILER warnings if you haven’t seen the shows mentioned. Monday Night Heroes: If you haven’t watched Heroes in a while- you need to add it back to your viewing schedule! This season has […]

This week on Michal’s DVR: September 26, 2009

By Michal Note: Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was not able to watch FlashForward yet. However, I hope to have a short write up for the first two episodes next week. Eastwick – Pilot I really wish this had been a better pilot. To me, it felt like an occult version of Desperate Housewives complete with the starting voice over. Frequent readers will already know the over use of that plot device is one […]

Flash Forward Premieres Tonight! Spotlight Jack Davenport

Photo credits ABC So tonight finally we get the premiere of FLASH FORWARD on ABC at 8PM. This show has been HUGELY hyped, I’m excited about the cast. Joseph Fiennes is one of those guys who I loved from SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE so I’m glad to be able to see him again. John Cho is great and I love, love, LOVE Jack Davenport! Oh how I love Jack Davenport. Jack is one of my favorite […]

Flash Forward Previews and cast interview

Here are a couple more previews and cast interviews for Flash Forward Related PostsFlash Forward Recap Coming Flash Foreward Spring Season 1 Cast Promos New FlashForward Cast Promo Photo

Flash Forward Series Premiere Spoiler Clips

Related PostsFlash Forward Season 1 Cast Stills First 18 Minutes of Flash Forward Premiere! Flash Forward John Cho Scans

Flash Forward 1×2 “White to Play” Episode Stills

Credit: ABC Studios Related PostsFlash Forward Cast Promo Photos Flash Forward cast Interviews John Cho, Dominic Monaghan, Joe Fiennes, Courtney B. Vance and the cast of Flash Forward at Comic Con

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