Articles By: Austin Auch

Vinyl Toy Feature: Fr0g S001 [SWAMP DWLLR]

Slotted to go on sale March 5th, Clay Ferguson, a.k.a Ferg, nails it again. His newest member to the Squadt Family, “Fr0g”, is equipped with a knife, spear gun, flippers and scuba mask. Ferg’s simple, clean and unique style delivers the most anticipated Squadt yet.     Related PostsFalling Skies 3×05 Search and Rescue Episode Description & Stills NOT EVEN DRY LAND IS SAFE WHEN SHARKNADO HITS SYFY JULY 11! Falling Skies 3×04 At All [...]

A Trip to Stranger Factory

On January 6th, Stranger Factory put on a collaboration exhibit called “Trigger” featuring the work of Brandt Peters and Clay Ferguson, aka Ferg. My new vinyl toy obsession are “Squadts” and that’s all thanks to their ingenious creator, Ferg. Stranger Factory is an eclectic art studio nestled in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. The art displayed comes from “Circus Posterus”, a tight group of diverse artists founded by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. When I heard [...]

Attack the Block

I suppose I should introduce myself a little since this is my first post for Multipleverses.  My name is Austin and I plan to bring some chest hair to this mostly woman-run site. Now with that out of the way- on to ‘Attack the Block’! Joe Cornish debuts with a must-see Sci Fi master piece with one of the best movies of 2011.  Released on DVD October 25 2011, ‘Attack the Block’ never made it [...]

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