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Jason Isaacs talks Harry Potter and his career at Phoenix Comicon 2015

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IMG_0557Jason is an utterly charming person to see live. He was delighted to talk to everyone and was very enthusiastic. He was asked about working on “The Dig”. He really enjoyed the story and thought it was great and did a lot of the stunts himself…other than jumping into the hot springs, they were worried he could break a leg. He was worried about authenticity because the butt double’s rear wasn’t as hairy as his…thanks for the overshare Jason.

Someone told him she had wished his TV show “Awake” could have lasted longer. He flatly disagreed. “In the UK you can make 6 episode shows and they’re viewed as successful, here in the US if you only get one season it’s a failure.” He went on to say that he felt that the show stood on it’s own nicely as open/close with how it ended.

Jason was the most animated when talking about Harry Potter. His first costume fitting for Lucius Malfoy he immediately asked “Where’s my blond wig?” The costume designers were confused. He looked at the WB approved drawings which had him w/ short brown hair and wearing pin stripe suits and he immediately went into a big discussion with them. They arched their brows, did what they wanted and sent him off to go see Director Chris Columbus.

When he showed up on set, Chris looked right through him and then stared at Jason with utter confusion. “I’d walked out with this gas station quality long blond wig on my hair and a long velvet curtain wrapped around me.” He went on to explain what he was wearing to Chris – he believed because Malfoy hated Muggles, he would certainly never dress like them. He talked up that Malfoy should have long blond hair and wear opulent old family heirloom clothes “he could perform some sort of magical dry cleaning on them so they’d always stay new looking.”

Then he wanted a cane. “Does Lucius have a bad leg?” Chris asked. No, but wouldn’t it be great if he could pull his wand up from it? At this point someone in the audience handed him a nice Lucius Malfoy replica cane. “But no one does that, their wands just appear?” Chris replied. Somehow Jason won that victory as well.

He also talked about Lucius’s accent. He said that normally his go-to guy for coming up w/ accents was out, “Because Alan Rickman was already in the movie.” He came up w/ this odd voice by combining 2 local UK personalities. When he first tried it Chris Colombus had a reaction to someone grating their fingers across a chalk board. They went back and forth, finally Daniel Radcliffe said, “I think it’s brilliant – kids in playgrounds everywhere will be trying to imitate it.” So the accent stuck – although he did have to tone it down A LOT.

Jason had a lot of very complimentary comments about the kids, particularly Daniel and felt that they were all fine actors.

Finally he talked about the final scene in “Chamber of Secrets” that he was honored to work with the late Richard Harris. He asked where Dobby was and Chris looked at him and said, “Well wherever you look at him – that’s where we’ll put him.” He then did a couple of takes where he did some strange looking kicks and jerks. “When Chris asked me what I was doing I said, ‘Oh there I just kicked Dobby down the stairs’ and ‘there I twacked him on the head with my cane’ each time Chris looked at the CGI guy who shrugged and said that they could be incorporated into the scenes.

“Our final take, I said, ‘I think Lucius should get the last word in’ Chris said, ‘Ok just go with it.’ So we filmed it and at the very end I came up with my line ‘I certainly hope that Harry Potter will always be here to save the day’ and do you know that as if he’d been practicing it his whole life, Daniel just puffed out his litte chest and sternly replied, ‘Don’t worry, I will.’ All I could think after that was ‘damn, this kid is good.'”

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