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Jim Beaver Talks Supernatural & his Career at Phoenix Comicon 2015

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IMG_0394Jim came into the room as the kickoff leading celebrity and was wearing a jean jacket, shades, and ball cap and looked very Bobby Singer. He only further showed his love for his surly Supernatural character by wearing a shirt that read “Ijits” on it.

He recalled reading the first script where he had to say that and said, “Really?” He had the same reaction the first time he saw “Balls!” show up in a script. Thankfully the writers knew what they were doing.

He talked about his favorite person to work with on “Supernatural” was Kim Manners. He recalled a story that “the boys will kill me for repeating…I’d worked with him (Manners) on ‘The X-Files’ and he was such a wonderful guy.” He was thrilled to work with him again. He recalled times when he’d be on set and he and Kim would be waiting for Jensen and Jared to show up. Once they’d stroll in, Kim would grouse, “Well at least there’s ONE professional on this set.”

His ultimate favorite “Supernatural” episode was “Weekend at Bobby’s” – “we had this interesting new director on it…” He also recounted that he’d never been so tired in his entire life as working on that episode. “I have nothing but the greatest respect for the leads on a series. I did it for one week and I was exhausted.” He talked about getting up at 4AM, working until Midnight and starting over again the next day.

Jim had a lot of fun tormenting the very confused sign language interpretors on stage who kept swapping out every 15 minutes or so, he signed to them a few times which confused the hell out of them.

He mentioned that for all that the cast of “Deadwood” would love to do a movie there’s one small funder of the series who has expressed zero interest in it – until they can change their mind that’s not happening.

A young boy asked timidly, “Where did the angels take you?” (Regarding his last episode on ‘Supernatural.’) Jim had to confess that he didn’t know since it hadn’t been written yet, but he hoped that maybe in Season 11 we’d find out.

At the beginning of his panel, Jim nearly fell over because the first four or so guests were males “I’m not used to that, usually I get nothing but girls asking me questions.” Towards the end he sincerely thanked the crowd, telling us that he had a wonderful time and enjoyed answering our questions which spanned his career.

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