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Winners List Multipleverses Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll

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Terminator :The Sarah Connor Chronicles Wins Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll

Voting for our first ever Multipleverses Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series Poll has come to an end and we have a solid list of winners. Nominees for this poll were series that ran over the past 20 years on US television for no longer than 2 seasons. Voting was restricted by one vote per IP address so no one fan base could SPAM the poll with multiple votes- they had to work hard to spread the word and get fellow fans to vote.  Fox has the majority of shows from its cancellation slate on our top 10 list with syndicated Legend of the Seeker , the CW’s Secret Circle, ABC’s V, and Syfy’s Stargate Universe completing the list. There were 6501 votes in total in the one week period for voting – the numbers of votes earned by the shows on the top ten list are shown below. Voting was strong initially for Legend of the Seeker but as word got out to the active Terminator fan community they came in and voted in numbers pushing for a win. Browncoats got busy in the last few days and gave Legend fans a run for the money coming in 3rd place. The quiet fans who spread the word about Secret Circle and New Amsterdam deserve a nod for their shows making good showings. V fans really want to see how poor Lisa will do with her doppelganger poised to become the new queen.

1. Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles (1701 votes, 26.17%)
2. Legend of the Seeker (1125 votes, 17.31%)
3. Firefly ( 916 votes,  14.09 %)
4. The Secret Circle ( 723 votes, 11.12%)
5. New Amsterdam ( 625 votes, 9.61%)
6. V (406  votes, 6.25%)
7. Terra Nova ( 125 votes, 1.92%)
8. Dollhouse and Stargate Universe – tied both with (85 votes, 1.31%)
10. Dark Angel (68 votes,  1.05%)

Click here to see how all of the nominees fared in the complete list of votes.


  • 15 Sep 2012 | Permalink |

    1 and 3 because they both have Summer Glau, the most beautiful and talented woman ever. I am her bitchwhore for life.

  • 15 Sep 2012 | Permalink |

    The top list doesn’t surprise me; TSCC, LotS and Firefly are known for having dedicated online fan bases.

    Even if John Connor/Thomas Dekker played in The Secret Circle, i didn’t watch it but its cancellation is recent and i guess fans are still pushing for a come back. I’m glad New Amsterdam is on the top five; i love the stories with “immortals” since i watched Highlander with Christophe Lambert and Sean Connery.

  • Sam Mills
    18 Sep 2012 | Permalink |

    What this poll proves is that time determines a shows success. Some of the most memorable shows of all time were short lived – The Addams Family, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica (the original) were all very short lived shows that are now part of our culture. These shows were given a rest, some real exposure and now it’s time to resurrect a few of them.

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