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FOX leads the way with most Nominees for Favorite Prematurely Cancelled Sci Fi Series

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In some ways this is a chicken and the egg dilemma. FOX has the most shows on our ballot for favorite prematurely cancelled sci fi tv series – but they also have the best track record of actually ordering up sci fi pilots and giving them a chance. Lets look over the shows on our list.


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The Lone Gunmen – this X-Files spin off was short lived and to add insult to injury after airing the series they killed off the characters on the X-Files in a horrible episode where our beloved conspiracy nuts who were not crazy died heroically saving the world from a bio-weapon. Watch the pilot and you will freak out. It aired 6 months before 9/11 and featured a terror plot with jumbo jets being crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center as a government plot to fund anti-terror efforts.

Firefly – probably the best short run sci fi series ever. EVER! A western in space it had Joss Whedon all over it with characters we instantly fell in love with. Fans are known as the Browncoats. Watch for the 10 year Reunion special on the Science Channel later this fall. The leads in the show have gone on to many starring roles in other sci fi series and primetime hits – Nathan Fillion is Castle, Morena Baccarin was on Vand currently is on Homeland and has been a memorable guest on The Mentalist, Jewel Staite had a great run on Stargate Atlantis and stars in the L.A Complex, Summer Glau has starred in Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Cape and currently has a role on Alphas, Alan Tudyk is a Broadway star and was featured on Dollhouse, Adam Baldwin was Casey on Chuck and Gina Torres is a lead on USA’s hit Suits. Oh yeah- and Joss Whedon directed the second highest grossing film of all time this summer with his little hit The Avengers.

Dark Angel -James Cameron introduced the world to Jessica Alba in this drama that was really hitting its stride when FOX pulled the plug with no real explanation. Jessica has gone on to do film work and have beautiful babies, Jensen Ackles has become the sexy big brother hunter on Supernatural and Michael Weatherly is on a little crime show called NCIS – maybe you have heard of it?

Tru Calling – Eliza Dushku works in a morgue and solves crimes thanks to bodies talking to her. Her boyfriend on the show is Matt Bomer- aka ones of the sexiest men alive and star of White Collar.

Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles -season 1 rocked then season 2 Fox put their grubby fingers all over the show wanting more teen drama. End of season the story was being restored on track but it was too late. Lena Headey can be seen as the evil queen on Game of Thrones. Summer has been busy like we said earlier. Thomas Dekker went on to do the Secret Circle which the CW dropped after one season( you can vote for it too). Brian Austin Greene married Megan Fox. Shirley Manson and Garbage are back to work making music. Garrett Dillahunt is making people laugh on Raising Hope. Levin Rambin got the gank early in The Hunger Games.

Dollhouse – another Joss Whedon series starring Eliza Dushku and BSG’s Tahmoh Penikett this show delved into a world of mind control and manipulation with elements of white slavery that made viewers uncomfortable at times.

New Amsterdam – immortality is a bitch. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau starred in this procedural with a twist. The lead detective is hundreds of years old thanks to an Indian curse. He is searching for his one true love and only when he finds her will he be released. Waldau can now be seen as Jamie Lannister – brother and lover to Lena Headey’s character on Game of Thrones.

Alcatraz -one season was enough for FOX to pull the plug on this show that featured the weekly capture of an inmate from The Rock returning from the past to run amok in San Francisco. Sam Neal’s star power was not enough to save this show.

Terra Nova -Jason O’Mara is the two time loser as lead of this series that had some major issues. Not enough dinosaurs, not a strong enough villain and muddled story telling. Idiot teens as villains do not make good television – this was a big part of why Caprica failed as well. Terra Nova could have been saved but it would have taken some major retooling of the base story.

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