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Hottest Guys on Sci Fi TV- Werewolves or Vampires?

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In our attempt to liven up the summer – we are asking fans to vote for their favorite guys in sci fi. Todays featured hunks are both werewolves and vampires. You choose- who is hotter?

Candidates include 2 weres and 5 vampires – which one does it for you? Check out our profiles below – and then click the link above to vote for your favorite hot guy in Sci Fi!

Werewolves –

Joe Manganiello – True Blood’s hunky Alcide has stepped up this season taking on the leaders of his pack for the role of Alpha. He was hilariously mind wiped by Eric after the tour of asylum where Russell Edgington was hanging out meaning Sookie won’t be getting any puppy love this season but Alcide is not staying alone for long.If you have seen Magic Mike – you know why I call him BIG JOE. Nuff said.

Kris Holden-Reid – Lost Girl’s resident Werewolf cop is both fae an hot. No really- he must be really hot because he is always taking his shirt off ( thank you very much!) In real life Kris is a silver medalist in Pentathalon – the real deal an actor and athlete.

Vampires- Vampires are pretty much every where but which are your favorite tv vamps? Brooding or snarky? Gentleman or jerks? They can be all of these things. Lets look at our candidates a little more.

Sam Witwer on Being Human can walk in the sun but prefers the dark. He wishes he had some True Blood to drink- he struggles with the old dilemma – to feed or not to feed on humans? He never misses the chance to shed his shirt either – or even his pants. Last seen being buried in a coffin- he will not be crazy about dark places when Being Human returns for season 3.

Alexander Skarsgard – True Blood’s enigmatic bad boy Eric Northman keeps us guessing. Is he sweet and innocent or a cold hearted killer? He has a wicked sense of humor and though he knows how to play politics he generally prefers his own rules. No stranger to skin – this slim and sexy Swede shows his soft and hard sides equally on cable.

Stephen Moyer – Is Bill really Sookie’s soulmate? It appears that True Blood’s gentleman vampire has a lot more going on than we every imagined.

Ian Somerhalder – No stranger to sci fi – when Somerhalder joined Vampire Diaries it was his blue eyes, a killer body and devilish sense of humor that made him a fan favorite. Bad boy vampires – is it a stereotype?

Paul Wesley – His character is the deep one. He falls for the girl and has trouble keeping her out of trouble on Vampire Diaries.




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