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Phoenix Comic Con 2012 – Video Coverage and Panel Highlights

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Well once again the folks behind the scenes out did themselves and put together an amazing event! This year mother nature even co-operated and instead of everyone roasting in typical Arizona late spring weather – it was a very comfortable 90 something degrees all weekend and the convention center at times got downright chilly! For those of you who don’t know Phoenix- the Convention Center is right down town and part of the big entertainment and arts center. Just down the street are the big basketball arena and the ball field where the Diamondbacks play. This weekend the D-Backs and the Milwaukee Brewers had a 3 game series. As we left each day people were coming in to the baseball game and they were taking a lot of photos of the assorted zombies, superheroes, anime characters and just plain cool costumes that frequented the con!

The event opened on Thursday night- we started our weekend on Friday.  We have video from the first day of panels – this was a great day for seeing the guests in smaller rooms. Everyone was really focused on answering fan questions and the moderators on the whole didn’t have much to do.

Check out the official Phoenix Comic Con Photostream on Flickr

Be sure to check out the site website – things will heat up for the 2013 convention with planning starting in the fall

Friday Panels : (unless indicated – all videos are our recordings from the event)

Levar Burton Panel – From locobravo  – Levar announced his new Reading Rainbow app to help parents get their kids reading along with talking about his long and successful career

Marina Sirtis – Marina did not want people recording but we have her intro and some fun opening remarks

Michael Dorn – Michael was a doll he talked about being “Big dum Worf” and his more recent role with hottie Stana Katic on Castle

Women of Sci Fi Panel – Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Debrah Farentino from Eureka, Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers), Erin Grey ( Buck Rogers in the 25th Century) The ladies talk about their work

Spotlight on Colin Ferguson – the last panel on Friday Colin gave a great talk sharing his upcoming projects including a guest shot on the upcoming Canadian version of Primeval and that he is auditioning for the part of Herman Munster in NBC’s The Munsters revamp series.  He gives some hints to the upcoming Eureka episode Smarter Carter too!

Saturday – The BIG SHOW DAY

Saturday was a full schedule- the opening panel started the sci fi theme with a bang!

Starship Troopers 15th Anniversary Panel with Dina Meyer and Casper Van Dien – my comment is why is he always playing such serious guys? He is funny and loose on stage here and I think he could do a sitcom with ease. Dina is even more gorgeous in person by the way- and she would love to be on Dancing with the Stars.

How do you follow an hour of talking about blasting space bugs? Well with the Captain of course!

William Shatner – Full Panel video- Shatner talks Twilight Zone, Star Trek and Boston Legal. There were a lot of Denny Crane fans in the crowd and Bill shared the real story of the episode of Boston Legal where they cut in scenes with him doing a live legal show from the 1950s with legendary star Ralph Bellamy. For those of you who think the name is familiar- he was one of the brothers from Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd. This was a wonderful hour that flew by!

After the Shatner panel the cast of Eureka came on stage and made sure we all had as much fun with them as they have together!

Eureka Panel – Colin Ferguson ( 1st on the call sheet), Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Debrah Farentino, Jaime Paglia and Wil Wheaton reminisced on past episodes and talked about some of the fun stuff yet to come in the final season. This was Debrah’s first ever convention and she commented on how much she was enjoying herself and how much she and all of them loved meeting the fans.

Sunday – Final Day of the Convention

Ed Asner – video thanks to locobravo – Wonderful actor Ed Asner shared wisdom, laughter and memories of his life in film and television. The video does not include the first line Ed threw out there- when the moderator asked him -“You have played Santa Claus 5 times- are you really Santa?” Ed replied in his unique dry way with a bit of an eyebrow waggle “Come sit on my pole and find out”. If you have never seen an interview with Ed he enjoys being the frisky elder statesman when talking to the ladies. He was gentle and kind to the kids who asked him about UP. He was reflective on his career and his outspoken beliefs. He had fun talking about his leading ladies from the Mary Tyler Moore show too! He even got in a rare dig at John Wayne.  Watch and enjoy!

Jon Bernthal vs The Walking Dead – Jon received a warm welcome from the crowd which included way too many kids who are really too young to be watching this show. He shared some insights into how he saw the big showdown with Shane and Rick and provided an alternate ending scenario. He also talked quite a bit about his upcoming new series on TNT. The period drama L.A. Noir is another Frank Darabont creation and is set in Los Angeles in the 1940s where Jon will be a cop playing both sides of the law.

After Jon finished his zombie talk the most anticipated panel of the day was on deck.

Star Trek the Next Generation – 25th Anniversary Panel – Larry Nemecek noted Star Trek author was on hand as moderator, Levar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton were all in glorious Trek loving attendance. The panel is way too brief with only an hour but all of the cast were generous with their time with fans downstairs in the autograph and photos areas.

Jamie Bamber Panel – After the big Trek panel out trotted the lovely Jamie Bamber. He was one of the most gracious people we have ever met at a Con. Super warm, friendly and genuine. Funny- he is standing through his panel thanks to his new Diesel jeans being in his words “sprayed on”. Jamie shared a lot of great BSG memories and also spilled some dirt on his new medical drama Monday Mornings coming to TNT this winter.


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