‘The Walking Dead’s’ Glen Mazzara: ‘There Can Be a Lot of Bloodshed’ to Come

With only two remaining episodes in the season, the showrunner tells THR how last week’s shocking death will impact the group.

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from last Sunday's "Judge, Jury, Executioner" episode.]


AMC’s The Walking Dead hit viewers squarely in the gut last week when the group lost its moral compass.


After fighting to spare the life of prisoner Randall (Michael Zegen), a walker that Carl (Chandler Riggs) baited out of the swamp attacked and literally gutted Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), prompting Daryl (Norman Reedus) to step up and mercifully end his life.


The outcome will continue to reverberate throughout the group, showrunner Glen Mazzara tells The Hollywood Reporter, warning that Shane (Jon Bernthal), most surprisingly, will be the most affected by Dale’s death. “Dale’s death really hits our group hard; they’re at the end of their rope, frustrated and angry,” he says. “They really see it as a defining moment of, if they’re going to embrace the humanity that Dale fought for or if they’re going to reject it because that humanity somehow failed Dale.”


THR caught up with Mazzara to discuss how much more bloodshed viewers can expect as well as if Carl — and Rick’s — secrets will be revealed.


THR: Is there anyone at this point who isn’t going to blame themselves for Dale’s death? Carl had his hand in it, and Rick to a certain extent by bringing Randall back to the farm.
Glen Mazzara:
All of them see themselves as guilty. If there’s one person who can hold their head up, it’s Andrea (Laurie Holden) because she stood by Dale’s side when he was fighting for Randall’s life. She had his back, and she’s the one person who feels that she stood by him at the end.

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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Glen Mazzara: ‘There Can Be a Lot of Bloodshed’ to Come.

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