Hawaii Five- O – Alex O’ Loughlin taking leave from show

THR is confirming that Hawaii Five-O star Alex O’Loughlin is taking a leave of absence to get clean after developing a problem with prescription pain pills after a shoulder injury on set last season. Maybe he will run into Gerard Butler who checked into Betty Ford last week for the same reason. Those high flying stunts that make the tv shows and movies we love so exciting are not easy on the body. Ricardo Montalban was crippled by years of stunt work on westerns when he was young. I am happy to hear that Alex is not waiting for things to get to the point where we are hearing about him gettting a DUI and being forced into treatment. Anyone who has been in an accident and taken pain pills knows how hard it is to get past them – we wish Alex luck and good health- and back on the beach shirtless and tan as soon as possible.




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