Breaking the Angst-o-Meter!

TVD - Let The Right One In

TVD – “Let the Right One In”
Review & Highlights
By Michal – Staff Writer

“You were saving my life…and I saved yours.”

Oh the angst and show of brotherly affection…it looks like the writers are finally getting my letters.  Of course they are disregarding some off my awesome ideas, but at least we got some shirtless angst!  But onto last night’s festivities…if you haven’t watched the episode yet, the standard spoiler warning applies and you should stop reading now.


Well, color me surprised.  I never thought we’d see Damon save his brother for no tangible reason or not in an attempt to bring Katherine back.  I find that now that Prison Break has been cancelled and the Winchester brothers aren’t getting along as well I miss my brother fix.

I’m still not sure about the escaped vamp storyline, but I do like watching Pearl and I’m definitely interested to see what exactly she is planning and how it goes for her.  She has already had a pretty big mutiny on her hands and has already lost a couple of vamps fighting with the Salvatore brothers despite her best efforts.   It is intriguing that she does seem to see a bigger picture and understands that a life can’t be lived in revenge.  However, having watched this scenario many times before, I’m just not sure how it can end well for her or her family.

Speaking of Pearl’s family, I started out the episode annoyed with Anna, but by the end of the episode I felt bad for her.  I wasn’t broken-hearted when Vicki left and it seems that just the memory of her can once again ruin Jeremy…and just when I was starting to really like him.  Well…tolerate him better.  If only he hadn’t completely screwed things up.  He’s officially gone back to being uber-annoying and now angered a vamp.  This should go brilliantly…

The new plot dealing with Stefan’s human blood addiction definitely has some potential and I’m interested to see how long it lasts.  As soon as he got vamp-napped I hoped that he would have to ingest human blood and as soon as Elena got a small wound it was simple inevitable.  Unfortunately, the blood-sucking scene was not as sexy as Buffy and Angel in “Graduation Day.”

Overall, I found the episode quite enjoyable and it has set up some intriguing storylines for the rest of the season.  I’m interested to see how long the Salvatore brothers can stay a cohesive unit.  Plus, who knows how Anna is going to retaliate or what exactly Alaric is going to do with his life??  I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Miscellaneous Highlights & Thoughts

It might just be me, but I found the “rain storm” super distracting…clearly it was a sunny day and there was just someone with a hose standing outside.

“Damon, now’s not the time to be the Lone Ranger.”

The Elena/Matt moment at the end of the episode was really sweet.  I like that they have been able to remain friends, even if Caroline is upset about their closeness.

Speaking of Caroline…how stupid can she be?  Why would you go off onto a dirt road during the possibility of flooding?  Why would you continue to run the car?  Why would you wait to get out of the car until it’s dark to find reception??

So what did you all think? Do you agree with me? Were we watching the same show? Leave your comments below!

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