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By Erika Blake

This is the first episode that I would flat out call filler for the season. The only thing that happened in MIRROR to move the story along was that it reunited Richard and Kahlan with Zedd. Beyond that the episode didn’t deal w/ our heroes quest to figure out how to take out Darken Rahl, in fact we rarely saw them in the episode at all, even though we did get to see plenty of Craig and Bridget.

That being said, this episode was hilarious and if you’re going to let your brain take a vacation from the usual Richard/Kahlan angst that we’ve been given over the recent months, at least this go around we got some wonderful eye candy along w/ lots of laugh out loud moments. The basic premise was that we have 2 thieves who through the use of a magical mirror are morphed into the exact visages of Richard and Kahlan. Instead of using their new looks for good, they use our heroes legendary status to their advantage and rip off townfolks of their hard earned trinkets.

The real Richard and Kahlan spend the episode learning that they have a pair of pesky twins on the loose and try to find them after they’ve managed to steal the sword of truth away from Richard. Poor Richard has to deal w/ being tricked into bathing w/ Kahlan’s frisky (and not the least bit shy) double as she lures him into a lake for a dip. Sorry no one can blame Richard for being confused particularly after being stunned and dumbfounded by the gloriousness of seeing Kahlan in her all-together. And thank you writers for giving us another view of my personal favorite non-credited character on the show…Richard’s washboard abs. We did however get to see the fallout w/ Richard feeling very betrayed that Kahlan would tease him in such a manner. This of course triggered them both into realizing that something was amok when Kahlan was magically 100% dry and Richard was drenched.

In case you ever wondered what it’s like being Richard, his double who in his true form is a large older gentleman is utterly terrified of what the real Seeker will do to him, knowing full well that The Seeker doesn’t get that amazing bod unless he’s working out like mad. In Richard’s case that involves walking for hours and oh you know slaying hundreds of trained D’Haran soldiers. Likewise Kahlan’s double moans constantly about being forced to wear Kahlan’s corset. Fake!Kahlan pimping Fake!Richard off to a D’Haran guard as a piece of manflesh was also particularly hilarious.

The real highlight of the episode was the return of Zedd who manages to stumble upon the imposters and immediately recognizes them as fakes. At the end of the episode he devises a plan to get his Richard and Kahlan back after they’ve been captured and are about to be delivered to Rahl for the bounty on his head. The thieving couple was actually quite fun to watch and were rather endearing in that they were 100% complete opposites to the people they were impersonating.

You have to give both Craig and Bridget a lot of credit they worked their hearts out in this ep so that never once were you confused over which pair they were portraying – even when they paired w/ an impersonator with one of the real pair. Both Craig and Bridget seemed to have had a lot of fun being able to get outside of just being Richard and Kahlan and it showed. Even though the ep was the what? 4th (or is it 5th?) time this season that we’ve had to deal w/ some sort of body swapping or mixed identity thing it was still fun to watch. Mostly due in part to the end scene w/ Bruce Spence that I won’t give away because it truly is comedic gold. If I had any real complaint about this ep beyond that it was ANOTHER identity swapping storyline, it would be that we didn’t get to see enough of Richard and Kahlan – but we do still have 4 eps for the season…I’m sure that we’ll get our fill of R/K angst before the season is over 🙂

Here’s the full episode on Hulu in case you missed it!

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