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Legend of the Seeker – “Home” is where the Heart is.

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Legend of the Seeker – “Home” is where the Heart is

By Erika Blake

Score: 2.5/5
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In this week’s episode of LEGEND OF THE SEEKER, longtime fans of the show got to be annoyed by being greeted with a clip show. For anyone who has just gotten into the series, congrats, you got a crash course in all of the main events that led up to this past weekend’s episode. I hate clip shows, they’re irritating, but I got why they felt this episode was necessary and we’ll get to that point later. For now, we’re going to simply ignore the clips and proceed in talking about the rest of the episode.

The episode opens with Richard groggily waking up and finding himself face to face with his brother Michael. The last time they met, Michael was ready to turn Richard over to the D’Haran soldiers and believed that he’d murdered their father, George Cypher. Needless to say, it wasn’t a happy family reunion. Richard started screaming at him like a madman leaving Michael confused explaining that Richard had been knocked out for 3 days after falling off of a cliff and bonking his head. If Richard felt frazzled at that point, his poor noggin nearly exploded when his father walks in and is relieved to see his youngest son up and about.

Richard seems to be in the right frame of mind, he’s unconvinced that things are as they should be. Except instead of realizing that magic must be afoot and running amok and believing that this weird reality must be an illusion of some sort, Richard thinks Darken Rahl has turned back time to before Kahlan made it through the Boundary. His brother and father seem very concerned and confused as their youngest family member rambles on about Confessors, evil D’Harans, and Wizards. Realizing that he needs to see a friendly face that should help to make sense of things, Richard sticks his huge feet into his boots and races off into the Hartland woods searching for Zedd. When he comes upon him Zedd is doing his Gonzo impression and chatting up his favorite chicken Clara and recognizes Richard when he storms into his shack, but swears that he is no Wizard and has no idea what a Seeker is.

Richard begins to feel like that he’s losing his mind and his father, who along w/ Michael had followed him to Zedd’s tries to calm him down by reminding him that he is not dead but very much alive. For a brief moment, Richard is happy until he realizes that if everything that he thought was real was just a dream, then Kahlan must not be real. We then cut to him repeating these words aloud and Kahlan is sitting over his body shouting at Richard’s prone body that she is very much alive and at his side.
Zedd wakes up and realizes that another Wizard of the First Order had cast the very rare and difficult Spell of the Lying Moon upon his grandson and in this spell – the person affected will believe that he is surrounded by friends but will actually be surrounded by enemies. Kahlan who’s sick with worry asks who would be able to do such a thing and Zedd tells her that Rahl has a wizard in his employ who could cast it. She pleads with him to try to reverse it. Zedd looks up into the sky, there are 3 stars appearing in front of the moon, if they all vanish out of sight, he will be lost to them forever.

Meanwhile back in Hartland, Michael, George, and Zedd keep prodding Richard to tell them more of his adventures and stories. Richard continues but eventually becomes uncomfortable after recalling killing Fane. He explained how he had never felt so angry and full of rage before, he was “The Bringer of Death.” This actually made me go “wow” when I watched the episode, they had Richard explain aloud what the sword does to the Seeker when he wields it in battle, something that hasn’t completely translated over from the books. Also in the books, Richard loathes that he kills people with the sword and creates a knickname for himself which is “the Bringer of Death.” So the internal narrative at this point in the episode is a nice connection to the books and shows us that a change has occurred with Richard and that he’s not wide eyed and innocent any longer, but is getting wiser and harder.

Zedd asks him if he had run across any other magical objects other than the Book of Counted Shadows and Richard talked about Renn…and what Renn told him about Kahlan’s feelings for him. As his mind wanders back to Kahlan he stiffly announces that he doesn’t want to talk anymore and darts out of the cabin. Zedd gets a frustrated look on his face and he morphs into Darken Rahl. Rahl begins grumbling that the spell isn’t working, that the stupid Seeker is completely obsessed with his Confessor and won’t give up the location of the Third Box of Orden. At his side, his Wizard, Gillar tells him that he needs to trust the spell and give it time.

Zedd follows Richard into the woods and tries to get him to open up some more, but Richard isn’t in the mood to talk. Back at his palace, Rahl switches tactics and morphs into a young woman who Richard grew up with. Apparently growing up he and the girl Anna were inseparable. Richard is now getting a headache – this is all too weird, the girl had moved away years ago and has suddenly returned out of the blue. As he is stunned at seeing her and speaks her name, Kahlan gets all annoyed, “Who’s Anna?” Zedd is frantically trying to break the spell but the second star is on it’s way behind the moon and time is running out.

Rahl as the young woman gets Richard to open up more, he talks about his time with Denna and his eventual escape from her clutches with Kahlan’s help. In his musings he reveals that he wasn’t entirely sure what happened but that somehow he just managed to break free of her hold on him. He realizes that he must still have the scar from his time with her and checks his stomach only to find it scar free.

Time is running out for the spell and Rahl is getting angry. Gillar warns him that he has to be patient, Richard is the Seeker of Truth, if he suspects that he’s under an illusion he’ll be able to break the spell. Rahl jumps back in and Richard talks about his getting married to Bronwyn and from there he talks about the Box of Orden. At this point Zedd and Kahlan are on pins and needles – the true purpose of Rahl putting Richard under the curse is now fully aware to them. Kahlan begs Richard not to reveal where the box is located. Feeling frustrated, alone, and easily manipulated by his former love who passionately kissed him and professed her undying love for him (this is all of the more disturbing considering that we know that it’s Darken Rahl who’s pulling the strings here…dude we know Richard is hot, but that’s just WRONG ewwwwww!) Richard gets cornered into revealing that on their way to get the last box to a safe hiding place, they were ambushed by D’Haran soldiers and Richard was forced to bury the box. The girl not so slyly begins prodding him on what kind of tree he buried it under and where.

Kahlan is now frantic and Zedd has lost hope that Richard will be able to break free before he reveals the secret location of the box. Not willing to give up, Kahlan begins pleading to him to come back to her, and reveals that when she told him back before Denna captured him that she felt nothing for him that it was a big lie, that she loves him with all of her heart. In Hartland Rahl/Anna are saying the same words to him, making it impossible for Kahlan’s voice to break through. Suddenly, Richard feels a strange drop of water land in his palm…it’s one of Kahlan’s tears. A mystified look comes over his face as he suddenly starts looking around like perhaps something isn’t quite right. As he’s about to reveal the exact kind of tree that it the box is buried under Anna slips and guesses the correct tree. Richard concentrates on her and the girl’s face morphs into Rahl’s. Richard screams himself out of the spell – stares at a delighted Kahlan for a moment and then bursts to his feet and screams that they have to get the box. With a wide, proud grin Zedd shouts, “That’s my boy!” Meanwhile Rahl is thrown across the room and screams in frustration as the spell breaks.

Our trio recover the box before the D’Harans can get to it and are last seen on the road. Kahlan asks Richard what brought him out of it and looking very uncomfortable, he reveals that he felt her love for him and knew that it was the most real thing in the world. She offers him a hopeful smile but instead of wanting to further talk about it, he flashes her a pained look and races ahead to join Zedd.

This episode offered us the opportunity to see what the show would be like if they followed the path of the books for a narrative. In the books, the characters spend A LOT of time TALKING to each other and talking about things that happened in the past. The result makes for a wonderful narrative journey on paper, but translates to a not too terribly exciting hour of television watching. Had the episode not done clips but had new footage of the trio hiding from D’Haran’s it might’ve been more engaging, but as a result it relatively left me unsatisfied. Clip shows serve a couple of purposes, they’re cheap to produce and they help to leave extra budget dollars for future episodes, judging by next week’s promo they went big time for FX, sets, and extras for REVENANT so I‘m suspecting that that was where the extra money went to. They also offer a great way for new viewers to get caught up on the main events that occurred in earlier episodes so that they’re not too lost.
There were a few interesting things about the clips however, we got to hear the events told from Richard’s point of view and throughout them all his consuming thoughts were always about Kahlan and the weird things that he encountered along the way. And even though in this episode we learned that Kahlan is deeply in love with Richard, he is as well; he’s just not ready to admit it aloud. He’s also not quite sure what to make of his feelings for her and why it would be that he would follow her love anywhere, even knowing that they never could be anything more than friends. Richard made the conscious choice to leave behind the possibility of a normal, magic free life, to continue his journey as the Seeker. Richard’s ‘Home’ is no longer Hartland, but with Kahlan. The pained look that he sends to Kahlan at the end of the episode shows that he’s in utter agony about this and instead of talking about their feelings any further he simply follows up on his promise that he made to her at the end of DENNA and continues to suffer in silence…as will we while they try to figure out the next step in their journey.

If you missed it, here’s the full episode of HOME on Hulu:

Next up – we learn about events from the last true Seeker, Kieran. REVENANT will also feature actor/director Michael Hurst (Director of DENNA & SACRIFICE) as Amfortas. From the promo this promises to be an episode NOT to be missed!

Here’s the trailer for this weekend’s all new episode of LEGEND!

One Comment

  • Robyn
    26 Feb 2009 | Permalink |

    I think that I have to disagree with you and the fact that clip shows are one of my favorite kinds of episodes. I think that on both Craig and Bridget’s roles (Richard and Kahlan) did a wonderful job especially when Kahalan finally expresses the fact that she is indeed in love with Richard. I just find it hard to believe that he kissed HER in Denna and he can’t tell her that he loves her back. We’ll just have to see what happens here on in.
    Other then that, a great episode all around.

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