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Legend of the Seeker Ep 01×03 BOUNTY Review/Recap

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Desperation Overrides Reason in BOUNTY.
By Erika Blake

As our trio of heroes enter into the Midlands there is trouble afoot, the D’Haran soldiers are out in force plastering bounty posters of Richard’s lovely face all over local towns and are offering a thousand dollar reward to anyone who brings him to the local garrison. Also, food is nowhere to be found as is evident by a young boy getting hauled away by the imposing D’Haran guards and threatened with execution for stealing from their stores. Kahlan, Richard, and Zedd aren’t faring any better, our trio is first seen racing through the forest in hot pursuit…of lunch. The rabbit, however gets away just before nearly getting obliterated by Zedd’s wizard fire. Kahlan and Richard are rather horrified that Zedd would want to crispify their lunch.

A pair of bounty hunters find their way to one of our heroes campsites and all that they find is Richards very recognizable tooth pendant which we later learn that Richard lost in pursing the previous day’s meal. It also looks like Zedd, Kahlan, and Richard lost their horses a problem that I’m assuming will befall them frequently on this show.

The bounty hunter heads into a local town where he asks the local map maker to create for him a magical map to locate the Seeker. With the assistance of Richard’s lost tooth our map maker creates a map that magically shows where Richard is located at all times.

The map works beautifully and our wandering and hungry trio find themselves caught unawares by animal rope traps and are hanging unside down out in the woods ala Luke Skywalker being trapped by the Wompa in ESB. I bet that as Richard saw his sword lying uselessly on the ground that he wished he could call the power of the Force to get it to him, but alas there the comparisons with Luke ends. If Richard can’t get out of this mess…this pretty boy Seeker become some D’Haran solider’s playtoy before being delivered to Lord Rahl.

Zedd picks up the call to protect his boy and shoots Wizard fire to heroically break their ropes…and misfires. He did succeed in scaring off a couple of the goons however, flaming bushes are apparently very terrifying. Finally he hits a mark and frees Kahlan who flips to her feet, grabs one of her knives, and kicks Richard’s sword up into his waiting hands. She then charges the closest bounty hunter and goes on the attack while Richard frees himself and Zedd…yeah in case you didn’t know it, Kahlan’s a badass. Zedd comes up firing and manages to blast a couple of the goons but they fail to catch the leader. Kahlan chases after him as he flees on horseback. She fails to catch him and only manages to capture his saddlebag. In it they find money and the map that they figure out is somehow tracking Richard.

Our heroes enter the village where the boy had been hauled away and try to get a nice meal, only to immediately have Richard’s face recognized…I mean really, have you seen all of the townsfolks around there? Of course Richard stands out, he’s 1000’s of times hotter than any of the local guys. A blond servant girl helps them escape from a pack of would be bounty collectors and tells them a weeping story about her brother being hauled away by a monster and begs them to help her.

As they head out to help the girl, they come across a man who claims to be having problems with his wagon, only to find that he’s another bounty hunter with map #2 that the mapmaker had created and sold…he’s a businessman, why should he care if he’s sending more thugs out to get Richard, right?

Richard and Kahlan once again prove that a man is only as great as the woman at his side and the two of them take out more thugs with barely breaking a sweat. Our bounty hunter thinks he’s a badass and shoots 2 crossbows at Richard, only to have the Sword of Truth swat them away like flies. The badass is reduced to a puddle of whimpering goo. Richard and Kahlan convince the man to tell them where he got the map with Richard throwing Kahlan’s title around. “Tell the Confessor where you got it.” Poor Richard, he still has no idea what that threat really means or why Zedd was warning him in the last episode to stop lusting after Kahlan. He has no clue what she’s really capable of or why people fear her so much. I’m assuming this will come up at some point and will drive a wedge between our merry band of heroes…but not today.

When Zedd sees the second map, he opts to go find the mapmaker and leave child rescuing services to his younger charges.

The blond girl leads Richard and Kahlan to a series of caves, she runs ahead, separating herself from them. Richard storms ahead ignoring Kahlan’s warning that his destiny and life are more important than the life of one boy.

Meanwhile the mapmaker, Sebastian, had sold a third map to another bounty hunter and found himself face to face with the same guy who he orignally made the map for. Sending thug #1 after his latest customer, our mapmaker is now greeted by a Wizard on a mission. Zedd asks why the mapmaker why he didn’t just sell one of the maps to the D’Haran’s only to be told that the soldiers don’t buy – they take what they want. It seems that without anyone around willing to stand up to the D’Harans everyone in the Midlands is out for his/herself and can’t trust that anyone will help them. Horrified that he’d sell out Richard like that, Zedd asks him to make a special map for him and threatens him if he even thinks of making another map that would lead anyone to Richard.

In the cave Kahlan and Richard search for the girl. Without warning Kahlan is thrown down a pit and Richard knocked out…yep, never trust a blond no matter how sweet they may seem to be, they’re always trouble. Turns out our 2 timer is sister to the boy who got taken away for stealing food at the beginning of the episode. She plans to trade Richard for the safe return of her Brother. For some reason she thinks that the D’Haran soldiers would be more honorable than The Seeker. Meanwhile Kahlan discovers that the creature that they were facing wasn’t actually a local legend but the real thing and with the assistance of a rope left over by a previous victim she propells out of her pit and gets herself out of the creature’s den and heads off to find Richard.

If there’s one thing that can be said for this show, Kahlan is no damsel in distress. Just when you think to yourself “Ah Zedd will find her,” no, Kahlan gets out of her messes on her own and comes out filthy and pissed off. It’s nice to know that someone’s got the brains in the operation, god knows where Richard and Zedd would be without her around to keep them on track. Kahlan’s not Wonder Woman (although I’m beginning to think that Bridget Regan would make a GREAT Wonder Woman) but her will to survive and live for her mission is strong and makes her determination unstoppable.

Anyways, Kahlan follows the map w/ Richard and manages to defeat blondie. The bounty hunter who was still on their trail teamed up w/ the guy who received the last map and together they surrounded everyone. That was short lived since the map that Zedd wanted created was one that would track the bounty hunters.

With the 3 bounty seekers all tied up, Richard who had spent his time in captivity trying to convince the girl that he’d help her to rescue her brother lets her go and vows to go through with his promise, much to Kahlan’s great distress. In order to rescue the boy they were going to have head straight into a garrison full of D’Haran soldiers.

The exact how they get the boy out, I’ll let you find out on your own, but in the end, the girl who thought that the Seeker story was just a myth suddenly became a believer. She came back and told the townsfolk not only that the D’Harans had no intent of actually paying the reward, but that the Seeker was in fact their hero.

Finally, on their own w/ their day’s misadventure’s behind them, with the 3 maps in his hand Zedd removed all of the ink and magically rematerialized Richard’s pendant for him giving him back his last connection to remind him of his Dad. Kahlan acknowledged that if Richard had listened to her the boy would have died and that his determination to help was probably the right course of action after all.

Overall the episode was solid and well written. Although I often had my suspicions on how things would turn out, the writers kept me pleasantly suprised. I probably could have done without the antics of the 2 keystone cops ie…the pair of bounty hunters who spent the last 1/2 of the episode looking for Richard, but they acted as nice comic relief and served a purpose in the end.

The episode had a couple of purposes to it. First off they had to show how desperate the people of the Midlands were and how ruthlessly the D’Haran soldiers were making their lives miserable. These are people without hope or any expectations that anyone will help them. With Richard agreeing to help a single boy he established himself as a man for the people. His willingness to help the little guys will end up going a long way with helping him to convince people to side with him against Darken Rahl and his forces. As Zedd said, the story will spread as will his reknown in the strange land.

Kahlan was by far my favorite character in the episode, she got to show off some mad fighting skills and her getting herself out of trouble officially put her on my favorite TV heroine list…not that she wasn’t there already from the books. I just hope that we don’t have to have Kahlan reminding Richard of his destiny in every episode…we’ve had enough of that w/ Chloe parroting things about Clark’s purpose in life on SMALLVILLE for the last 3 seasons. I only hope that the writers on SEEKER can let Richard be smart enough to always keep that in the front most part of his mind because that’s how he is in the books.

This, I am guessing, won’t be the only time that Richard will find himself fooled by people. Richard is still a wide-eyed Westlander who needs a few more cases like this before he starts to be a bit wary about the world around him and that people might be expecting more than they’re revealing to him. A big part of what makes Richard such a great hero is that he thinks with his heart and most importantly that he tries to see goodness in people and he fights for those who cannot help themselves.

Overall – FX were good – we got good scary glimpses of the monster’s ugly face, icky gooey corpses, awesome booming Wizard force and fire, and tons of sword fighting. The episode rather felt like a season 1 episode of STARGATE SG1 where our good guys were exploring new worlds that were Goa’uld had enslaved all of these human worlds for centuries and they trusted no one, w/ SG1 having prove themselves over and over before the people of the galaxy finally realized that they were there to help them. Our trio of heroes on SEEKER have a mighty upward hill to climb before Richard will have enough of an army to back him so that he can defeat Darken Rahl, but the stage has now been set for that to happen.

I’d give it a 3/5 since it was lacking in any real character development or overall character advancement, but it was entertaining which is the point of the series…it’s not meant to be Shakespeare.

It looks like next week some of the secrets that Zedd and Kahlan are keeping from Richard might finally come into play. I can’t wait for that.

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